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Brisbane's Best Souffles

For a lot of people, the word ‘souffle’ conjures up all sorts of images of flat, deflated ramekins of disappointment a la that jumping castle you accidentally punctured in third grade. For those who know where to go, soufflés are light, risen beauties of aerated wonder. Enjoy our list of Brisbane’s best soufflés that never collapse under pressure.

Montrachet | Paddington

A 25 year stalwart of the food scene with Thierry Galichet at the helm, their soufflé au crabe et au gruyère (double baked soufflé with crab meat and Gruyère cheese, finished with a light cream sauce) is simply beautiful. Light as a feather with just the right amount of cheese so as not to overpower the crab, you can taste the experience, the deft hand, the passion. This is a soufflé to aspire to.

C’est Bon | Woolloongabba

You know how it is, you’re full, you just want one more petite mouthful of something sweet to finish but the dessert list looks heavier than that Cardio Tech treadmill you just moved into your garage. Fret no more. Michel Bonnet’s citrus fruits soufflé with fruit soup and sorbet is here to save the day. Close your eyes while you eat this mouthful of zesty air. Not too tart and perfectly balanced. The perfect way to end a meal. Secret undoing of the belt averted.

Boucher | Graceville

This might be slightly off track, but one of my all time favourite soups is a traditional French onion, with all the goodness of slowly caramelized onions and topped with liberal doses of golden, molten Gruyere (stay with me!). Ok, now imagine this as a twice-baked Gruyere soufflé, light as air but with liberal doses cheesy goodness, the scent paired with those onions consuming your senses. Pure bliss. Peter Carter has a way with soufflé. Pour a glass of something red and heavy and feel contentment creep over you.

Lutèce Bistro & Wine Bar | Bardon

We love a soufflé almost as much as we love a surprise, and at Lutèce, you get both. While the crepe soufflés with Kirsch, cherry compote and cherry cream ice cream is incredible, the restaurant also serves up a changing soufflé of the day, meaning a chance to taste the Chef Pâtissier’s full creative repertoire, melded with seasonal flavours. Got any more soufflés that you think we should know about? Let us know in the comments below if we have missed one of our list of Brisbane’s best souffles. If not, what are you waiting for? Let’s soufflé. nims xx

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