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Brisbane's best savoury mince

Oohhh, such a comforting plate of winter goodness. My childhood consisted of savoury mince and cheese in jaffles, for Sunday night suppers. Or mince on toast when Mum needed a night off and Dad thought the addition of curry powder would make it a little more “exotic” (go Dad). The perfect payoff happened when Mum was batching up bolognese, and we’d get big bowls of her tomatoey heaven for our lunch with fresh, crusty bread. We’d go sit on the verandah and look at the afternoon mountain rain, our cheeky dog begging for forkfuls. But sometimes when you just don’t have the time nor inclination to whip up that comforting dish, it’s a lot easier just to get someone else to do the hard work for you. Luckily for you, we have found Brisbane’s best savoury mince so you can enjoy the warm nostalgia without the pile of dirty dishes. Savoury mince, sourdough, crumbly feta, roast tomato and gremoulata | Lady Marmalade Lady marmalade have a knack of turning the ordinary into very quirky and this mince is no exception. The mince has a beautifully robust flavour and the salty feta and sweet tomato, are perfect accompaniments over crunchy sourdough. I like to order mine with extra “greenage”instead of the toast or I never finish my plate. Generosity reigns supreme here. Savoury mince, fried eggs, sourdough and smashed avo | The Pony Cat A little twist on the aforementioned tomatoey goodness, with the addition of a fried egg, and some lemony smashed avo to cut the richness. The mince has a gentle garlicy punch, and their generous use of butter on the toast has us coming back for more. Gran’s savoury mince | Cafe Auchenflower I agree this mince really does taste like my Grans’. More on the sweet side in its homage to the tomato, with a little clove and a nice hit of onion. Improving on Gran’s ever so slightly with a welcome addition of smashed avo, and a soft poached egg. It works perfectly. Grannies’ famous savoury mince | Dandelion and Driftwood I love this mince with its addition of very grandmotherly peas and carrot. It has beautiful, rich gravy and I’ve often imagined it encased in a well-made, butter, puff pastry. Yes, it would make such a great pie. Once again it’s served on some well-toasted sourdough with finely sliced spring onions. Ask for some takeaway sans toast and make your own pie. Spicy mince on toast with soft poached egg and roast tomato | Sassafras Not too spicy, but the perfect amount of heat to warm you up when it’s miserable outside. I love to pierce my egg and have it run through the mince and over my extra side of sautéed spinach, while I’m sipping on my chai that has been expertly brewed with soy milk. The whole thing is a very nourishing experience. Thanks Mum! If you find yourself with mince leftover on your plate, promise me you’ll take it home for a jaffle. nims xx