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Brisbane’s Best Ragu

Forget spag bol (or good ol’ spag bog if you’re a true bogan), the new hero of Italian comfort food is the slow cooked goodness of ragu.

Beef, duck, lamb, pork, goat – it’s all good as long as it’s braised for hours and slowly turned into a rich, meaty sauce, best served atop an overload of pasta. Here’s a list of the best Italian restaurants in Brisbane to go to dive your face into a main sized serve immediately (entrée is totes for rookies). You can thank us later.

Bar Alto | New Farm

Bar Alto’s homemade pappardelle and goat ragu might sound a little adventurous, but if you haven’t tried goat yet, this dish is the place to start. Slow cooked to delicious perfection, Bar Alto’s spin on the classic ragu will make your heart melt.

Beccofino | Newstead

Beccofino’s pappardelle al ragu d’anatra is a quacker of a dish, in more ways than one. Rich and flavoursome duck and tomato ragu is layered over pappardelle for a classic flavour combo. It’s even on the take-away menu so you can dive in at home without having to stop and wipe the drool from your chin.

Il Locale | Paddington

When looking for the perfect ragu, you don’t worry about sheep and nasty stuff here. If it’s lip smacking goodness you crave, you can’t go pasta Il Locale’s lamb ragu served up with their handmade tagliatelle. It’s enough to make you say, mamma mia!

Gianni’s Kitchen | Newstead

If you know your pasta you’d probably know Gianni’s Kitchen is plating up some pretty bangin’ Italian food. Imagine heart melting, slow cooked Tuscan style beef ragu, with handmade maccheroni (macaroni for us). This a seriously saucy affair so watch yourself when stuffing your face, it will be your own fault if you gnocchi your weight off the scales.

Bucci | Fortitude Valley

Anyone who’s been to Bucci knows just how good it is. Everything on the menu is quality and just ridiculously delish, which means, of course, their ragu is no different. Made with wild boar, the ragu is slow cooked to tender perfection with porcini mushrooms, smoked speck and red wine. Perched atop fresh spaghetti and allora, the boar-logniase is born.

Fiamme Trattoria | Albion

Just like Nonna would have made it, the ragu di nonna at Fiamme Trattoria is an old-school mix of veal, beef and pork, creating one of the meatiest options on this list. Braised in a tomato, basil and parmesan sauce and served with pasta, it’s super comforting, super tasty and Nonna-certified.

Tartufo | CBD

If you’ve never had braised rabbit, make it your life mission this winter to try it. Tartufo’s mafalde coniglio e pecorino is a bowl of rabbity-ragu heaven, made with loads of winter veg and served with house made curly pasta and pecorino cheese. End the night with a honey and vanilla panna cotta and we can assure you’ll be one happy Mario.

We do not advise eating in moderation. More is more. But if you become addicted, don’t blame us for any consequential weight gain.