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Brisbane’s best porridge

If there’s one thing that will make us get out of bed in winter even quicker than three grizzly bears could, it’s a steaming bowl of sweet porridge, topped with even sweeter toppings. Throwing a packet of quick oats in the microwave just doesn’t make for a creamy superfood breakfast that Goldilocks would stick around for though, so bear with us and find out where dig your spoon into some of Brisbane’s best instead. Locavore | Woolloongabba If you can keep your paws off the gingerbread pancakes drizzled with Bee One Third honey, then newly opened Locavore’s mixed wholegrain porridge is worth skipping the snooze button for. Locavore has taken this classic and dazzled it with poached rhubarb and pear, with a dash of vanilla milk and hazelnuts to make a one irresistible bowl of yum. Alter Ego Mindful Eating | Rosalie Alter Ego will banish unbearable brekky guilt with one squeaky clean, nourishing quinoa porridge. Rich in protein fibre and iron and easily one of our winter favourites, the coconut and quinoa porridge with figs and poached pear will give you enough pep to outrun any cranky bears the day might bring. Goodness Gracious | Graceville If your sweet tooth needs a break (according to your dentist) but you’re still craving a bowl of winter warming comfort, then indulge in Goodness Gracious’ savoury porridge. This hearty breakfast of freekah oatmeal carbonara with pancetta, spring onions and poached eggs will have your bear-ly feeling the chill at all! king arthur brisbane cafesKing Arthur Café | Fortitude Valley King Arthur Café’s name might inspire thoughts of meaty feasts featuring a whole of roast pork (apple in the mouth and all), but they’re actually very hipster friendly. They’ve even whipped up a quinoa and chai porridge that basically tastes like a chai latte in a bowl. Sprinkled with cacao nib gingerbread and fresh figs, this is porridge worthy of a spot at the round table. Atticus Finch | Paddington Paddington’s favourite pooch friendly café has a menu brimming with tasty toasties and moreish muffins, but there’ll be no deli-bear-ating here, you’ll be going straight for the mixed grain porridge with poached pear, cinnamon, pistachios and a drizzle of honey. Anouk | Paddington Even if the weather was Polar we’d still get out of bed for Anouk’s breakfast menu. Anouk has us longing for weekend brunch from Monday, with dreamy classics like their house porridge made with organic oats and topped with banana and sweet dates. If you need us, you’ll know where to find us. If these classic porridges can’t get you out of bed in winter, then happy hibernating! Words by Caitlin Adamson