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Brisbane’s best pork belly

It’s no secret we love a good pork belly: we’re forever declaring that we’re drooling at the thought of the deliciously tender meat with its succulent layer of fat (in fact we’re drooling now). Closing in on bacon in popularity (though it will never reach the heights of that particular porky delight), this cut of meat has been popping up on menus all over town for years. So pervasive has this delicacy become, it’s become quite a challenge to decide where to get your fix on a weekly basis. Being pork belly aficionados we have of course, sampled quite a few, so we’ve put together a list of Brisbane’s best to help you narrow down the choices. Artie & Mai | Albion Drizzled with maple caramel and sprinkle with apple, Artie and Mai’s take on the pork belly has a sweet twist.  Crispy and juicy, it comes in bite sized pieces to hasten the process of greedily stuffing it into your mouth before the rest of the table can get their share. Alfred & Constance | Fortitude Valley There’s no such thing as bite sized pork belly at Alfred and Constance. Theirs is a giant slab of the stuff, slow roasted with a layer of crusty crackling just begging to be crunched under knife and fork. Plated up with grilled scallops, fennel spice peach, pomegranate and pickled golden beets, this is pork belly you’ll go back for. The Smoke BBQ | New Farm Rubbed with special seasoning, slow hickory smoked, and finished on the char grill with a dark and spicy Memphis sauce on the side, The Smoke’s pork belly is one to write home about. Or just take it home where you can eat it without having to worry about keeping your face clean, because it’s available on the takeaway menu as well. The Survey Co. | CBD It might put on a few airs but The Survey Co. welcomes sticky fingers and bellies so stuffed they need unbuttoned pants just as much as the next place. The pork belly in their pork belly tacos might be shredded, but it still has all the tender, juicy, melt-in-your-mouth characteristics it needs. Topped with apple kimchi, it combines Asian and Mexican flavours in a way that somehow, inexplicably, just works. Aria | CBD It might also be a contender for Brisbane’s most expensive pork belly, but Aria’s twice cooked, sweet pork belly with blood peach and currant chutney and crackling comes with a hefty price tag for good reason. Matt Moran demonstrates once again why he’s cooking on Masterchef…and we’re just at home watching. And if you’re still reading you must have some serious will power, because we left halfway through to go and get some pork into our belly! Words by Ranyhyn Akui