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Brisbane's Best Pizza: Our Top Picks

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Best Pizza in Brisbane

Ah pizza, how we adore you. We are infatuated with your chewy yet crisp dough, your slightly sweet, herby tomato sauce and your looooooooong cheesy strings that break and burn your chin.

Here in Briz-Vegas, we would even go so far as to say we’re highly obsessed, given the amount of pizza joints per capita in this Brisbane. It’s a little crazy people. We have issues. Here’s our top picks for the best pizza Brisbane wide that prescribe quality over quantity, every single time.

Corbett & Claude | CBD, Indooroopilly & Mt Gravatt

They may not be traditional, but that doesn’t make Corbett & Claude’s pizzas any less drool-worthy. They’ll even cater to the #fitspo types with pizzas like the super greens pizza, with snow peas, asparagus, peas, grilled zucchini and kale! Best of all, sign up to their members club and you’ll get all manner of deals, including $15 pizzas on Tuesdays and $20 jugs with your feed on Saturdays. You know you want a pizza that offer!

Julius Pizzeria | South Brisbane

A pizza so good, you’ll forgo even glancing at the specials board (unless there’s a pizza on there, of course). The Italian pizzeria that brings us all things traditional and delicious brings us pizzas topped with quintessential Italian toppings. Indulge in slice after slice of prawn, mozzarella, fresh herb and prosciutto topped triangle love. You know a place is good when you can’t pronounce the menu headings.

Sorellina | Woolloongabba

Pizza, vino, beer? We’re in. Home to what we think is the crispiest, most delicious pizza base in Brisbane, topped with all the traditional favourites like oregano, mozzarella, caramelized onion and pork sausage, we’re not sure which slice to tuck into first.

Best Pizza in Brisbane  

The Burrow | West End

We understand why it’s called The Burrow. It’s because when delicious pizzas such as the chili con pollo made with roasted pulled chicken, maple beans, grilled onions, capsicum, coriander jalapeno mayo on a tomato base are placed in front of you, you have to suppress the urge to burrow your face into the pizza. We failed.

Tartufo | Fortitude Valley

If you’re a little rusty on your Italian, it’s time to get a little crusty at Tartufo. The names of the pizzas might challenge you, but we promise it won’t be a challenge to devour one of their classic Italian pizzas. In no time, you’ll be pinching your fingers together like an Italian and uttering ‘bellissimo!’

Beccofino | Teneriffe

With nine tomato base pizzas and six white base pizzas, you’ve got fifteen reasons to go to Beccofino. Toppings such as pork and fennel sausage, portabello mushrooms and buffalo mozzarella simply can’t be topped, while their traditional Italian crust, which is both crispy and doughy, is the best of both worlds.

Victoria Park | Herston

Delicious pizza with a side of the Brisbane Skyline? How about a little golf for dessert? You can get all this at Victoria Park, where food, sports, and a stunning sunset can all come together in a beautiful (and tasty) combination. When they say hole-in-one, they mean one entire pizza going into your mouth. Best Pizza in Brisbane

Pizzeria Violetta | Wilston & Kenmore

We all know that when that pizza craving hits, no one is safe. Not your partner, not your roommate, not even your parents. Thank god that Pizzeria Violetta has three locations so you can get your hands on one of their sixteen different varieties quickly – before your family and friends join together to hold a pizza intervention

Fratelli Famous | CBD

Despite what your parents said, you are allowed to have pizza for breakfast. Fratelli has answered all us doughheads morning prayers and given us delicious options such as the sweet Nutella and strawberry pizza, and the savoury tomato, bacon and avocado pizza. And guess what? If you still haven’t met your recommended daily pizza intake, you can head back for lunch or dinner where you can build your own pizzas.

Colle Rosso | Red Hill

If that craving for perfect dough covered in just the right amount of toppings and sprinkled with plenty of cheese like you mother nagging you to bring a jacket, then we have the place for you. Colle Rosso has a mouth-watering selection of both red and white sauce pizzas. Try their ‘Alla Romana’ – a tomato base topped with mozzarella, pancetta, red onion, shaved pecorino and chili. You’ll need that chili to warm you up, because you’re cold and you definitely should have brought that jacket.

Coppa Spuntino | CBD

You haven’t experienced the best of Brisbane’s pizza scene until you’ve been to Coppa and had one of their pancetta, potato and rosemary pizzas – preferably after an entrée of their oozing burrata. Best of all, it’s smack bang in the middle of the city – so lunch time pizza is a real possibility.

Salt Meats Cheese | Various Locations

Have you ever been in the situation of desperately needing pizza in your system, but lacking the time it takes to savour some in a restaurant? Enter the greatest invention of the 21st century: the food truck – aka pizza on wheels. The clever team behind the ever-popular Salt Meats Cheese have recently launched their food truck, Fuel, making their way around town each week and popping up at popular foodie haunts such as Gasworks, Milton Markets and Carseldine Markets. So next time you require a truffle and mortadella pizza on the quick, you know who to see.

Ready to tuck into the best pizza Brisbane has to offer? Slice, slice, baby!  

Words by Kate Stevens