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Brisbane’s best pho

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Sometimes it hits you. When you’re watching 90210 and all you can hear is 9021-Pho. Or when the OC becomes the Pho C. And Oprah becomes Pho-prah. That’s when you know the pho cravings have come to stay. The pho-mous dish on the menu at any Vietnamese joint worth its soy sauce, this steaming bowl of rice noodles in flavoursome broth with all the trimmings is a hanger cure, a sick cure, and a hangover cure, all in one. Hangry pho more? Well we’ve found Brisbane’s best pho, just pho you. Tan Thanh | Inala Tan Thanh are one of the oldest pho establishments in Little Vietnam, aka Inala, and have not pho-gotten their roots, brewing up traditional steaming bowls of pho. With eight different kinds served in generous portions, including a chicken pho served up with crispy fried chicken, it’s no wonder they’re one of our personal favourites. Phuong Trinh | Inala For less than $15, you can have yourself a mini feast that’s hearty in the stomach and easy on the wallet at Phuong Trinh. With a delicious broth teeming with meatballs, beef and tripe alongside a load of side dishes in front of you, surrounded by old world décor, you’ll feel like you’re in the heart of Saigon. Pho Hung | Sunnybank If you’re closer to the south side, you won’t have to travel far to get yourself a pho-king good pho fix. Don’t be fooled by the tiny space and long queues, Pho Hung have been making tender beef pho with fresh toppings since always and the turnover is always quick, so you don’t have to wait pho too long. Pho Hien Vuong Pasteur | Sunnybank Another forever-full pho establishment in Sunnybank, Pho Hien Vuong Pasteur know how to do it like the Viet’s do with complimentary tea with all their dishes. Their pho comes in serving sizes so generous, you’d think the small bowl was mistaken for a large. For exotic flavours and bang for your buck, this is the place to go. My Pho Bar | Jindalee My Pho Bar not only dishes up vibrant pho, they also offer an epic SuperBowl Challenge, with almost 2 kilograms of noodles and tender meat served in a couple of litres of steaming broth. Finish it, and you’ll get your face on their wall of fame pho-ever. District 1 | Fortitude Valley If you’re not a real foodie, you might think District 1 was an obscure reference to the Hunger Games. But the only hunger games you’ll find at this Ho Chi Minh City inspired spot is the eenie meenie miny mo you’ll use to decide what you’re going to eat. District 1 makes use of their cosy space by dishing up big flavours, and if you’re not particularly feeling like pho, their duck noodle soup goes down just as well. AJ Vietnamese Noodle House | Brisbane CBD In true street food fashion, AJs is tucked away on Charlotte Street, noticed only by those who make the establishment their final destination. Gorge on their AJ Special Noodle Soup with everything you could want in a bowl of pho, including tripe, tendon, beef balls and beef slices, thick rice noodles and a sweet and salty broth. If you’re up for it, finish off with some deep fried ice cream. Trang | West End Tucked away in the back corner of West End, Trang’s has an intimately simple setting, and has been brewing their famous pho noodle soups for thirteen years. For a pho-nomenal feed, tuck into their beef and fatty brisket noodle soup. You could opt for the lean brisket, but why would you? Quan Thanh | West End For a humble yet un-pho-gettable soup, brave the crowds at Quan Thanh and take a seat on the Vietnamese side of the restaurant. If you’re a fan of beef pho and BYO, this place is pho you. And a whole bunch of other pho fans too, so be sure to get there early. Just don’t go committing a pho-pas and slurping noisily from your bowl. Words by Sarah Nguyen