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Brisbane’s best pan-Asian cuisine

If there’s one thing Brisbane’s good for, it’s Asian food – and lots of it. From the streets of Sunnybank to the Valley’s ins and outs, you can find glorious hidey-holes of Asian cuisine with (almost) every turn of the head. With lip-smacking options like Indian, Japanese, or Thai, it can be hard to pick your poison – and even harder not to dedicate a whole week of dinners to Asian feasts fit for an emperor. So, how do we cram more Asian delights into every meal? With the best pan-Asian restaurants in Brisbane, that’s how. Whether you’re craving one tonne of wontons or oodles of noodles, be assured that these spots can front the goods – and probably all at the same time. Madame Hedges | Fortitude Valley The eccentricities at Cloudland don’t stop at the cocktails and decor, with Madame Hedges’ fusion fare adding its own flavour to the classic Valley spot. Spice the night up with a beef cheek massaman curry, pair your drinks with DIY duck pancakes, or sweeten the deal with some ginger crème brulee – the chocolate banana spring rolls will have you walking on clouds! Chop Chop Chang’s | West End If you’re angling for an honest feed full of local ingredients and bursting with Asian flavours, we suggest moseying over to West End, chop chop. The menu struggle is real! Rather than wrestling with decisions all night, the Asian streetfood masters offer a $55 market feed that features the best of the best. Even Genghis Khan would be stuffed after all those stir fries, curries, and (most importantly) spiced apple dumplings for dessert. Longtime | Fortitude Valley We’ll admit it: we have a Thai food addiction (seriously, though – who doesn’t?), but sometimes it’s good to break up the pad Thai binges with something a little different. Breaking up the monotony is Longtime’s menu of classic Thai meals with modernised Western twists. Among the traditional curries and noodles, you’ll find oddities like crispy prawn laab tacos and mango nigiri with sticky rice and coconut gelato. pan asian restaurants brisbane libertineLibertine | Petrie Terrace We’ll take the liberty of filling you in – Libertine is a French-Vietnamese fusion restaurant sittin’ pretty at the Barracks. The stylish garden venue hosts a range of modern and unique dishes that will tickle the tastebuds (and prompt excess drooling). Along with gorgeous plates of sticky char siu chicken and duck a l’orange crepes, Libertine also specialises in banquets and shared dining. Ooh la la! Fat Noodle | Brisbane Tucked away within the wiles of Brisbane’s Treasury Casino is Fat Noodle. With a name good for a giggle and food fit for a gorge-fest, you may find yourself lost inside this pan-Asian spot longer than first intended (lucky it’s open til late!). Combining Vietnamese with Chinese, Thai and Malay, the kitchen trundles out goodies like Fat Pho Noodles, BBQ pork buns and kimchi salads. Nest | Brisbane Among the line up of local pan-Asian spots, Nest blends Chinese, Malay, Vietnamese, and Indonesian dishes into one lip-smacking venue. The unique rooftop-to-table experience is fuelled by Nest’s very own Sky Garden (sorry, farm-to-plate, you’ve been one-upped). We’re not sure anything is better than the ability to order banh mi, pad Thai and pappadums all at once. Chow House | Fortitude Valley Like we needed more excuses to chow down on pan-Asian tastes! Chow House brings its Asian cuisine roots to the forefront, carefully blending them with mixes of Mediterranean and Western flavours. Pick up a brekkie of coconut crumpets or a Thai chicken omelette, or wander over later for morsels like confit duck parcels or a lamb shank yellow curry. We guess you could say we’re cruisin’ for a fusion. Words by Samantha Chariton