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Brisbane’s best spots to enjoy oysters

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Brisbane’s Best Oysters

Don’t shell out for something underwhelming - shuck out Brisbane’s best oysters instead!

We’re so grateful to that brave soul who first ate an oyster, especially since he probably had to find the damn things, figure out how open them, and knock that first one back without a clue about what he was in for.

Lucky for us we don’t have to go through any of that, and can even get them baked, dressed, or in a shot of vodka and tomato juice if we so desire! 

Rico | CBD

When there’s a dedicated oyster menu, you know you’re in for a treat! Rico’s list features six stunning options like gazpacho pearls with crispy bread flakes, crushed pink peppercorns and grapefruit juice, and classic mignonette. Love a bargain as much as we do? These bad boys are just $2.50 from 3pm to 5pm, Monday-Thursday.

Reef Seafood | Newstead

You’ll think you’ve hit the shuckpot at Reef. Get your oysters fresh, get ‘em crumbed, get ‘em tempura-fried or miso-dressed – did we even need to mention they have champagne, too?

Shucks Bar | Manly 

This seaside oyster bar is a must-try for oyster lovers. These are hands-down Manly’s best, with loads of dressing options including smoked soy and apple, horseradish creme with dill and salmon roe, and saké shooters! Hot tip: oyster happy hour is every Sunday 3-5 pm, when you can slip into a dozen oysters for $18.

hôntô | Fortitude Valley 

Nestled on a Valley back street, hôntô’s raw bar serves some shucking excellent oysters, and while we can’t deny a classic natural, our hearts are set on the oysters with red wine vinaigrette and wakame seaweed – another saké, you asked?

Gambaro’s | Brisbane

Shuck the front door! Gambaro’s has been shucking oysters (not to mention dishing up plenty of other fresh seafood) for over 60 years, so we think they can probably manage it without cutting themselves (unlike us). Choose from Pacifics or Sydney rocks, or enjoy your oysters on one of Gambaro’s signature seafood platters.

Shuck It | Eat Street Markets | Hamilton

Chilled or grilled, it’s all oysters, all the time at this Eat Street set-up run by wholesalers who source only the best! We’re talking locally-farmed natural suckers, as well as plenty of fancy-schmancy shells topped with caviar, horseradish mayo, smoky tomato sauce, and roe.

If you’ve found yourself clam-bering for an oyster, we’ve got you.

Words by Samantha Chariton & Sophia Lunn