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Brisbane’s Best Oysters

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Brisbane’s Best Oysters

As Jonathan Swift once said, "he was a bold man who first ate an oyster."

We’re very grateful to that brave soul (in between wondering how hungry he was to attempt it), especially since he probably had to find the damn things, figure out how open them, and knock that first one back without a clue about what he was in for.

Lucky for us, we don’t have to go through any of that, and can even get them baked, dressed, or in a shot of vodka and tomato juice if we so desire! Don’t shell out for something underwhelming, shuck out Brisbane’s best oysters instead!

Shucks Bar | Manly 

Aw, shucks – this seaside oyster bar is a must-try for oyster lovers. You’ll never look back once you’ve tasted their freshly-shucked oysters. These are hands down Manly’s best, with 10 dressing options including Sriracha and lime butter!

Stokehouse Q | South Bank

Seated by the river with sparkling city views in front of you and half a dozen oysters doused in lemon by your side, and you may wish you could make like a mollusc and stay stuck to Stokehouse forever.

Jellyfish | Brisbane

Don’t be jelly of our mad shellfish game. Check out the natural oysters with French cider vinegar, or tasty baked oysters with chorizo and chipotle.

Seymour’s Cocktails and Oysters | Petrie Terrace 

Oysters may be a natural aphrodisiac, but we were already in love with the selection from Seymour’s. Pair a few fresh oysters with a martini or some champers, and you’ve got your night started right. 

The Fishery | Milton

You probably know about their mean fish ‘n’ chips, but do you know The Fishery also serves up a shucking good oyster, fresh from the waters of South Australia? You don’t even have risk certain injury shucking your own shells (seriously, it happens every time) – they’ll do it for you!

hôntô | Fortitude Valley 

hôntô serves some shucking excellent oysters, and while we can’t deny a classic natural, our hearts are set on the oysters with red wine vinaigrette and lime kosho. 

Reef Seafood | Newstead

You’ll think you’ve hit the shuckpot at Reef. Fresh seafood and sushi as far as you can see – not to mention some of the best oysters in town, with that perfect briny flavour. Get ‘em fresh, get ‘em crumbed, get ‘em tempura fried or miso-flavoured – did we even need to mention they have champagne, too?

Gambaro | Brisbane

Shuck the front door! Gambaro has been shucking oysters (not to mention dishing up plenty of other fresh seafood) for over 60 years, so we think they can probably manage it without cutting themselves (unlike us). 

Shuck It | Eat Street Markets | Hamilton

Oysters with cheesy béchamel sauce? Why the shuck not! Chilled or grilled, it’s all oysters, all the time at this Eat Street set-up. We’re talking locally-farmed natural, as well as plenty of fancy-schmancy shucked shells topped with caviar, horseradish mayo, smoky tomato sauce, or even bacon. *drools*

The Lighthouse Restaurant | Cleveland Point

If you want to be spoilt for choice, we suggest checking out the Lighthouse Restaurant, with 5 different oyster options to choose from. Think mornay, Kilpatrick, and oyster shooters.

If you’ve found yourself clam-bering for an oyster, we’ve got you.


Words by Samantha Chariton & Sophia Lunn