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Brisbane’s best onion rings

There’s a sidekick behind every great hero, and while Brisbane has been experiencing a serious New York state of mind and glorifying wings, ribs and burgers, we’ve been digging up dirt on the Robin, Dr Watson and Agent 99 of the dude food realm – the onion ring. The search is over, we’ve found our precious… or at least narrowed it down to the top five, crunchy, glorious, battered beauties. But take heed fellow onion ring lovers – not all deep-fried love loops were created equal, so here we are getting down on one knee, offering you the best rings money can buy in Brisbane. 5 Boroughs | Stones Corner & Ascot The one ring to rule them all. Luckily these bad boys come in a bowl big enough to satisfy any onion ring fanatic. Don’t let the massive new (and admittedly delicious) menu fool you – when push comes to crunch, a 5B double served with a side of onion rings is all you need in life. A crispier, saltier morsel of deliciousness we’re yet to come across. NKB Express | Indooroopilly Swear off clean eating forever – we’re subbing your greens for a constant intake of NKB Express onion rings (if it’s a vegetable it still counts, right?). We’re talking thick cut onion rings, hand dipped in batter. Don’t bother with a small serving off these crispy little food halos – upsizing these battered bae’s is the only way to go. Or get fancy and try them at their sister venue Nantucket with a glass of bubbles. The Manhattan Line | South Bank Famous for their deliciously juicy hot dog offering, you’ll be delightfully dumbfound over what you can see on the side at The Manhattan Line. Perfect circles? Tick. Crisp, battery goodness? Tick. They’re not ringing around the rosie when it comes to an A+ onion ring. Get your greasy little hands all over these beer battered babies with a side of (you guessed it) more onion rings and call it a day. The Defiant Duck | Newstead If you want to revel in true deep fried, onion ring goodness then take a trip to The Defiant Duck in Newstead where they’ve well and truly reinvented the wheel. We’re not joking when we say these bad boys are as big as your hand (my, what large onions you have), so forget a side, just order a whole bowl. Yard Bird Ale House | Paddington Specialising in all things American, Yard Bird has proven time and time again that they’re no spring onion in the dude food game, and their onion rings are no exception. Shamelessly salty and deliciously crisp, grab yourself a plate of these delights and pair it with one of their eight rotating beer taps for one hell of an onion indulgent afternoon. With more batter than onion itself, it’s a treat for taste buds and the ears, with more crunch than a Kettle’s commercial. We liked it. We put an onion ring on it. Words by Lucille Burkitt