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Brisbane’s best nachos

If there’s one food we cannot get enough of, it’s nachos. They’re pretty much a combination of the best foods out there – cheese, carbs, pulled meat and guacamole – all piled up into one glorious feast. We love them so much we’ll even eat the corn flavoured cardboard and strangely textured cheese  you get at the movies – it’s a serious addiction. But to make nachos great, there has to be more than just a whole lot of guacamole or the addition of a seriously awesome surprise ingredient (bacon, anyone?). The right chip to sauce ratio, the perfect sprinkle of cheese and most of all, no soggy corn chips, all these things a perfect nachos make. Here are the best nachos Brisbane has to offer. La Quinta | Bulimba The familia at La Quinta sure know how to please us when it comes to nachos – give us a whole lot of options. Choose from the simple corn chips, cheese, salsa, sour cream and guacamole, or add refried beans, chilli con carne, BBQ chicken, or our favourite: the shredded beef. It might be a hard choice, but not as hard as deciding which margarita to order. Fiery Deli | Roaming Just because you have to chase them doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hunt down Fiery Deli and let them get jalapeño business with their nachos. You can get spicy black beans or shredded chicken atop their crunchy corn chips, but put me in a sombrero and call me Josè if the pulled beef isn’t the tenderest pile of meaty goodness we’ve had the pleasure of eating. nachos brisbane feature IndiMex | West End If you thought Indian and Mexican were two cuisines that could not be mixed, let us illumi-nacho. Giving nachos an Indian twist, IndiMex tops them with black lentils, Indian-spiced chicken, beef or lamb, along with all the necessities like cheese, guacamole, sour cream and salsa. They’ll even cater to your morning nachos cravings (finally someone who understands!) by adding eggs and bacon into the mix and serving it for breakfast! Super Whatnot | CBD We might usually be a few beers down when the hanger for Super Whatnot’s nachos strikes, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t trust our judgement on this. When drunk hunger (or just regular hunger) is driving you loco, head back to the bar and order a plate of their 12hr slow cooked shredded beef nachos with black beans, cheese, spicy pico de gallo and sour cream. California Native | Coorparoo It’s nacho fault if you can’t finish this sombrero sized plate of House Deluxe Nachos – they’ve beaten the best of us. Freshly fried corn chips circle a pile of slow cooked beef, chicken or pulled pork, with refried beans, jalapenos, Spanish olives, black beans, salsa fresco, guacamole and sour cream. Holy Toledo. nachos brisbane beach burrito Beach Burrito Company | Fortitude Valley It’s always a good time to bulk buy nachos and eat yourself into a Mexican food coma at Beach Burrito Co. Especially when you can get them with extra guac. Not that you really need it on top of this pile of cheese, smoky salsa, pico de gallo, jalapenos, sour cream and your choice of spicy pulled beef, chipotle chicken, pork or chilli con carne. Add a bucket of Coronas and enjoy. Kettle & Tin | Paddington Looking for something a little fancy? Kettle & Tin’s duck nachitos take almost a day of preparation to arrive on the plate, but will disappear in under 5 minutes. Piled onto individual house made corn chips, flavoursome confit duck, refried beans and salsa are topped with sour cream and limed avocado. Home Store Café | Ashgrove They might do things a little backwards, and put the chips on top of the guacamole and refried beans, but when you can have nachos for breakfast, who cares? Served up with scrambled eggs and a sprinkle of goat cheese, there’s no better hangover cure in Brisbane. Time to get avo-control! Words by Rebecca Grady