Brisbane's best house martinis

Brisbane's best martinis with a twist

We’re not bitter… but we do love a martini.

Whether you go for vodka, gin, dirty, or dry (though the correct option is a) perfect and b) gin… just saying), it’s hard to deny the pleasure of a fabulous martini!

For your next drink for before or after dining, celebrating a win, or winding down after a big week (we feel ya), hit up these house martinis that put the perfect spin on this classic sip.

Violet martini | Byblos

This one’s a fan favourite, and for good reason; the deep purple shade of this stunning sip comes from a mix of Finlandia cranberry vodka and violet liqueur, all mixed together with banana, rhubarb, and cranberry for a perfect riverside bev to pair with your fragrant mezze.

Signature martini | Signature at Emporium

If it’s at Emporium, you know it’s magnificent, and the eponymous Signature martini at their swanky restaurant is no exception: your choice of Grey Goose or Brookie’s Dry (we’ve already talked about this, though…) Regal Rogue vermouth, house-made orange bitters, and a lemon twist—zesty!

Libertini | Libertine

How delightful! The pretty Libertini is made up of classic Hayman’s gin as well as peach, lemon and pink grapefruit, and comes dressed up with peach foam for something a little bit *textural*. This is a spin on a classic, after all…

50/50 Martini | Eterna

While the 50/50’s a classic itself, Eterna’s local addition of finger lime extract takes this simply stunning sip and transforms it into something 100% magical. A fragrant, wet-as-hell martini paired with a plate of Roman-style pasta? My god… she’s stunning.

Signature martini | Donna Chang

Donna says it’s time for martinis, and her signature comes made on Brookie’s dry gin with junmai saké, Szechuan pepper umeshu and wasabi oil (with a little pickle snack on the side—bonus!).   

21st martini | The Terrace at Emporium

Go sky-high and settle in with this chic take on the classic at Emporium’s elevated Terrace bar. Their spin features South Australian Never Never Distilling Co gin, Dolin vermouth and orange bitters for a fresh, herbaceous aperitif.

Sekhmet | Finney Isles

You’ve got gin (it’s Jinzu), you’ve got dry vermouth (it’s Dolin), but then you’ve got lettuce and lemon? That’s right, the master tenders of the bar at this Valley must-try have managed to turn your sad side salad into a sip worth sampling again and again.


As far as we’re concerned, it’s never not martini time…


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