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Brisbane's best macarons

If there were ever a food that deserved its own day of dedication, it’d be the macaron. Macarons are sweet, light and ever so colourful tasty little morsels that will send you straight to sweet heaven. We’ve been on a hunt to uncover Brisbane’s best macarons for World Macaron Day on March 20, so ready your tastebuds for the onslaught of adventurous flavours, folks! Passiontree Velvet | Carindale, Robina & Coolangatta Passiontree Velvet have got your macaron cravings sorted with several locations across Brisbane and the Gold Coast. High tea is what they do best, but macarons come in at a fighting second with the perfect ratio of crisp shell to soft and chewy inside in flavours like salted caramel, cookies ‘n’ cream and ginger. Not only do they serve up these moreish morsels as part of their high tea, but you can also buy macaron towers for events. Specifically for bragging rights of course. To top it all off, a little birdie told us they’re giving away a year’s supply of the goodies. You know we’ve already entered. Toowong French Patisserie | Toowong These guys are a little more streamlined with their macaron selection with just twelve options to choose from. But you know what, that’s a good thing. When there’s macarons coming out of the counter left right and centre you can feel a little overwhelmed with all that colourful bliss. Enter Toowong French Patisserie with their Turkish Delight, Pistachio, and Espresso. They’ve made our decision a lot easier. Cakes by Judy C | Ashgrove While wedding cakes and birthday cakes are their forte, Cakes by Judy C also also whip up a pretty mean macaron that’s lighter than air. They have a coffee bar where you can step away from wedding cakes to something with a little less commitment and pride themselves on locally sourced, socially conscious, sustainable and ‘purely awesome’ drinks and treats. We’re sold. macarons brisbane banneton Banneton | Wooloongabba & Ashgrove If there’s one thing Banneton love, it’s their bread. But we’re not here to talk about bread and luckily, their macarons are just as good. Light, airy and packed full of that sweet classic macaron flavour we know and love – and a few new ones like pomegranate and orange. Banneton operate as a full bakery offering up heaps of other sweet goodies too. Our suggestion? Go for the macarons of course. Le Bon Choix | Paddington and Ascot Where art is eaten. Their words, not ours, but damn we wish we’d thought of it. Le Bon Choix aren’t just about decadent cakes or slices. Often you will see their macarons adorning their larger cakes, like lolly coloured jewels. Better yet, like most patisseries selling macarons, you can buy these bad boys in packs of 6 or 12 so the good times can keep on rolling. For about 2.5 seconds. Then you’ll need some more. Choquette | New Farm If you want your macaron to be as traditionally French as possible, from top to creamy smooth ganache centre, to bottom, then Choquette is where you need to be. Choquette pride themselves on their products being hand-crafted with painstaking dedication to traditional French methods. You know when a patisserie uses the word ‘painstaking’ that they mean business. Don’t get in the way of their piping bag. macarons brisbane whisky businessWhisky Business | Capalaba If you’re not already a die-hard macaron fan (what’s wrong with you?) then Whisky Business could certainly change your mind. Think Warheads. Think Red Bull. These guys have really taken the adventurous path when it comes to macarons. If you’re sick of normal chocolate or berry flavoured macarons (yawn) then these guys can help you cross to the wild side of Fairy Bread and Lolly Gobble Bliss Bombs. Celebrate World Macaron Day the right way. With a twelve pack of Brisbane’s best macarons in hand. Both hands. Words by Caitlin Adamson