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Brisbane’s Best Lunch with a View

Pairings are important. From pizza and beer, to a wheel of camembert with a bottle of Pinot Noir – we always strive to find the perfect match. But we think that there’s room for three in this happy little relationship.

A stunning view can take your meal experience from an on-the-fence 7 to a solid 10. Think of us as your matchmakers, because we’re here to set you up with lunch, sips and the best views that Brisbane has to offer.

hundred acre bar | St Lucia Golf Links

Sure, hiking is a nice way to relax and get back to nature; the only problem is that nature is alarmingly lacking in sangria… If you ask us, the ultimate way to unwind is to have a cocktail in hand, a delicious lunch on the table, and a view over some of Brisbane’s most gorgeous lawns. Swing by (ha, see what we did there) the Hundred acre bar for a view that’s almost as beautiful as the food.

The seared salmon fillet with honey soy, cashews, crisp shallots, summer beans and lime is well and truly a hole in one, and to wash it down with a jug of their Andalucian style sangria. An outdoor lunch without cocktail jugs is like watching golf on TV: not as enjoyable.

Riverbar & Kitchen | Eagle Street

Riverside – a catchy circa 2009 tune, but also one of the nicest places to sit and sip with your friends. Riverbar & Kitchen slays lunch view goals with one of the most flavoursome visual combos known to mankind – the Brisbane River, the Story Bridge and the majestic city that we simply adore. If you’re there for lunch, it would be a sin if you didn’t get the ‘ladies doing lunch’ cocktail paired with a blue cheese and fig pizza or two.

Popolo | South Bank

Popolo over to South Bank to nab some of the city’s top views (and we’re only kinda referring to the arancini, promise). Sure to make waves at your next blind date, shindig, or shame-spiral-of-pizza-addiction, Popolo’s waterfront views on the River Quay Green are pretty tough to beat. Err, unless you’re staring at the menu, that is.

Bar Alto | New Farm

Not only do you get to gawk at the Brisbane River, but you can also admire the riverfront houses of the rich and the fabulous (we’re pretty sure we could afford one with our monthly food bill, tbf). Treat yourself to some grilled Fremantle octopus with new potato tiella, or the juicy roasted duck gigli with sugo, sweet spices, radicchio and asiago. If you have to drool, do it over the river.

Stokehouse | South Brisbane

Feeling hangry? We know that struggle, so we’ll never tell you to build a bridge and get over it – but we will tell you to score some views of the Goodwill and Captain Cook bridges at Stokehouse. Shucks, who are we kidding: with oysters like these, who needs a view?

Pony | Eagle Street

Love highset spots over the river? Ride it, my Pony! Pony gives you the best views of the river with a guarantee that you won’t accidentally fall in after a champagne lunch (don’t laugh, we still haven’t heard the end of it). From roasted desiree gnocchi to Cuban style grilled pork paninis, you’ll be in carb heaven. Bomb dive into a bombe Alaska for dessert and you’re laughin’.

Sandstone Point Hotel | Sandstone Point

Sandstone Point Hotel is the waterside joint worth forking out some fuel for. Set near Bribie Island, this beachside spot has plenty of perks – including seats under beach umbrellas without the risk of getting sand in your food. Hey, life’s a beach, but pizzas like these make it worth it. Oh, and the views too, we guess.

Get to ‘mirin, Brisbane. 

Words by Nicole Portacha