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Brisbane’s best late night desserts

Sugar cravings can strike at any time. Not just limited to the 3pm slump, they’re just as likely to hit you at 10pm as they are at 10am, and if there’s no ice cream floating around in the freezer (because you polished it all of last night), trying to ignore them is usually an impossible task. Who can sleep when counting sheep turns into counting how many cookies you want right now? But there’s no need to get out the sugar jar and a spoon before things get dire – there’s a few sweet spots around town where you can get your fix right up until late. La Dolce Vita | Milton When those sugar cravings strike close to midnight and they just can’t be ignored, ditch the convenience store and head to La Dolce Vita instead. Open until midnight every night of the week, they’re more than willing to give you a sugar high, with a menu of classic Italian sweets like tiramisu and cappuccino panna cotta, and a pastry cabinet filled with rows and rows of irresistible cannoli, tarts and profiteroles, all made fresh in house every day. If it’s a long night of work you’ve got ahead of you, better grab a latte as well. Cowch | South Bank Whether you’ve got a craving for the sweet stuff or the booze, Cowch has got you covered ‘til 10pm Sunday to Thursday and midnight Friday and Saturday. They’ll even combine the two in one of their decadent dessert cocktails – but if a concoction of Baileys, milk, salted caramel, peanut and Flake isn’t your cup of tea, just stick to the churros. Charlie’s Raw Squeeze | Everton Park Don’t worry fitspo types, we’ve got you covered too. Charlie’s, god bless them, never shuts the door on your cravings – they’re open 24/7, dishing up dairy free nice cream, acai bowls and a cabinet full of all the raw sweet treats your sugar-deprived heart could ever want. Mister Fitz | Fortitude Valley & South Bank You don’t even have to be awake enough to speak to get your ice cream sandwich on at Mister Fitz – just point at what you want and they’ll get the idea. Just don’t go and sleepily pair cookie dough with mint choc chip ice cream and bacon bits. Or do – if you dare. Passion Tree | CBD You may want to get here at least an hour before closing time at 11.30pm on weekends and 10.30pm on weeknights – it’s going to take you at least that long to decide what to have from their sugar loaded menu. From epic pancake stacks and hot chocolates to Asian bingsoo honeybread, you’ll be hard-pressed choosing just one. late night desserts brisbane chester streetChester Street | Newstead If Nutella lasagne, ice cream sandwiches and Instagram worthy cakes sound like your idea of paradise, Chester Street is the place for you. They’re open right up until 11.30pm, and with plenty of wine and sangria to pair with your lemon meringue pie. Canvas | Woolloongabba A bar that does dessert and then backs it up with breakfast for the morning after – we’re in love. Especially with creations like their warm apple, rhubarb and hazelnut crumble with honeycomb and butterscotch ice cream to chow down on until midnight. Kitchen at Treasury | CBD Another spot that’s open at all hours of the night to sate any 4am cravings for ice cream, Kitchen and their weekly sundaes are epic creations involving bulk ice cream, cream, sauce and toppings. If you want a real challenge, get a sundae for two – and then refuse to share. Alfred & Constance | Fortitude Valley You could go to A&C for the tiki cocktails – but we much prefer to stop in at 1am for a little pre-bedtime dessert. Or you know, both. But if it came down to a choice between their salted caramel baked Alaska and a flaming scorpion bowl, the sugar coma would win every time. Sonder Dessert Café | Sunnybank To be honest, we like this place for their matcha desserts – because if our dessert is green, we can totally convince ourselves that it’s healthy. Healthy crème brulee, healthy parfait, healthy ice cream – see why we like the place? (Disclaimer: It’s not actually healthy. Great source of antioxidants though…) Just don’t expect to be going to sleep anytime soon after all that sugar! Words by Ranyhyn Akui

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