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Brisbane's best lamb everything

If you’re into sheep thrills, get some lamb on your fork (or in your hands thanks to our mates pita and pizza), and start working your way around Baaa-risbane for these must try lamb dishes. No matter how you eat it, lamb is an Aussie favourite that goes with anything from minted yoghurt to curry (the real MVP – talk about an all rounder). So if you’re feeling a little l-ambidextrous and wanna’ grab the good stuff by both hands, here’s where to hit across town.
The Lamb Shop | Bowen Hills
What is better than lamb from the spit? Lamb from the spit with hand cut chips rolled into souva deliciousness (triple threat – hello!). If there’s anyone in Brisbane who knows how to souvlaki, it’s Bowen Hill’s newest digs repping the meat sweats – The Lamb Shop. Wrap those lamb-hungry hands around their classic lamb souva with onion, parsley, mustard mayo and chips.
Hatch & Co | Newstead
Be a lamb and share, would you? We’re not usually big on the old ‘sharing is caring’ motto, but Hatch & Co’s new slow cooked lamb shoulder is just too good to tackle on your own. Whipped up with a lemon and herb dressing and best served with a round of their roasted carrots and chips (um, yum), this is one shoulder you can always lean on.
Newstead Brewing Co | Newstead
Lamb. Pizza. Beer. Now you’re talking our language! If this sounds like a combo for you, you’re going to want to get down to Newstead Brewing Co ASAP and grab yourself a slice of triangle-lovin’ donned in braised lamb, sweet potato puree and red onion. It’s seriously nothing less than shear delight.
Little Greek Taverna | West End
What’s better than lamb in a dish? A whole dish of lamb (lamb on lamb on lamb). Little Greek Taverna in West End offers up a hearty plate of shaved, marinated lamb that will rock your woollen socks. Don’t be sheepish, you can eat a whole plate of meat by yourself (we believe in you!).
Chop Chop Chang’s | West End
Forget counting sheep, you’ll be counting how many times you go “mmm” while you’re tucking into Chop Chop Changs massaman braised lamb shank curry. Served in a dish of potatoes, daikon and peanuts, you’d be baa-ing mad to say anything short of “yes thank ewe” for this bad boy.
Vaquero | Albion
You never truly know a good rib until you’ve smashed a few of Vaquero’s mouth-wateringly juicy lamb ribs, glazed to perfection. Share among friends or keep this seriously good rack to yourself.
Il Locale | Paddington
Just when you thought pasta couldn’t get any better, Il Locale has upped the anti on cannelloni and added to its deliciousness by adding tender lamb pieces, tomato and pecorino. Roll your way into this Paddington favourite and prepare to up your pants size. The best part? Ewe can always go back for more. Words by Nicole Portacha & Lucille Burkitt