Brisbane’s Best Karaage cChicken

Brisbane’s best karaage chicken

As you may have noticed, we like fried chicken. Like a lot. Whether it’s sweet or spicy, served with sauce or no sauce, we’re pretty confident there’s no wrong way to consume this crispy pinnacle of comfort food.

Since the first day we tried chicken karaage (Japanese fried chicken) we’ve made it our mission to sample as much as we can get our hands on and now we’re ready to let you reap the benefits of our tireless research. So here’s where to get the best clucking chicken karaage in Brisbane.

Heya Bar | Fortitude Valley

Heya – not only is it an excellent song by OutKast but it’s also the name of one of our favourite bars/Asian eateries in town. Descend from Brunswick Street and tempt your tastebuds to a menu full of delicious Asian street food featuring bites like chicken karaage with sriracha mayo. Next time you’re having a night out in the Valley, skip the kebab and opt for some karaage, you’ll be converted.

Hai Hai Ramen | Paddington

Oh hai there, just checking in to let you know that if you’ve been skipping the sides at Hai Hai in lieu of more ramen (we totally get it), you’re missing out. Hai Hai’s chicken karaage with koji marinade and smoked kewpie is a delicious way to occupy yourself while you wait for your ramen to cool down.

Taro’s Ramen | Various Locations

Just like everything that comes out of Taro’s heavenly kitchen, their garlic, ginger and soy marinated chicken karaage is so good that it will have you looking at flights to Tokyo before the meals over.

Mizu | Teneriffe

Tucked away in Teneriffe, Mizu is famous for their out of this world sashimi and sushi, but we’re big enough to admit we’d make the trip just for the karaage. Prepared with fried free range chicken with soy, ginger, garlic and sesame oil, this is one dish that’s worth crossing the road for.

Sushi & Nori | Fortitude Valley

Sushi & Nori is unsurprisingly famous for their delicious sushi and nori, but did you know they also make some mean karaage? If you can resist the temptation of their gourmet sushi train, grab yourself a bowl of crunchy karaage chicken and an ice cold Asahi for a Japanese experience that won’t cost you your annual leave.

Bird’s Nest Yakitori & Bar | Various Locations

Take a trip to Bird’s Nest for a meal you’ll want to put on pants and leave the nest for. Their famous crispy chicken thigh karaage with mild wasabi mayo and an ice cold draft Ashai beer is the perfect lunch and/or dinner (we’d say breakfast too, but they’re not open) no matter what your mood.

Chop Chop Chang’s | West End

Chop chop, there’s no time to waste! The garlic and ginger marinated chicken karaage served with mayo is so good, you don’t want to waste another second without it in your life.

Harajuku Gyoza | Various Locations

There’s a lot to love about Harajuku Gyoza. The Japanese tap beers, the amazing gyoza, the way the entire staff goes nuts whenever anyone orders sake (seriously, you’ve gotta check it out for yourself, it’s great), but one of our favourite things has to be their karaage. Served with everyone’s favourite kewpie mayo, the karaage is crunchy and light, and serves as a great side dish to your salmon sashimi poke bowl. Or you could do what we have been known to do and just order three serves of karaage. You do you.

Wagaya | Fortitude Valley

Is it getting hot in here or is it the chicken? Turn up the heat with Wagaya’s spicy chicken karaage and sweat it out in the name of deliciousness.

Kokoro | South Brisbane

Kokoro is almost as fun to say, as their karaage is to eat. Whether you opt for their hot and spicy or classic karaage, your chicken cravings will be well and truly satisfied. Don’t be alarmed if you find yourself there several times a week, it happens to the best of us.

So next time you’re in the mood for some fried chicken, give the Colonel a miss and have some karaage, it’s more than finger lickin’ good.

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Words by Georgia Casey

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