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Brisbane's best jaffles

The humble jaffle is an Aussie lunchtime staple. Bread, cheese, delicious fillings, more cheese – what’s not to like? Listen up, cold sandwich peasants of the world, cause there’s nothin’ that beats that first jaffle bite (or the oozy volcano of cheese that follows). In honour of the food that keeps university students alive, fights back 3pm (and 3am) hunger pangs, and is always there when we’re too lazy to cook dinner, we’ve sandwich-pressed together a list of Brisbane’s best jaffles. Bready, set, go! Fitz & Potts | Nundah The jaffles at this Nundah dive bar are worth throwing a fit(z) over. Let’s face it, after a few too many post-work brewskies, you can’t do much better in the carby, cheesy, meaty department. The specials board will let you know what you’re working with, but there’s always a variety of freshly-toasted gourmet jaffles on offer. Or the five jaffle platter if you’re feeling brave. Do it, we dare ya. Project 41 | Bowen Hills One mid-morning jaffle pick-me-up, please. Bowen Hills café Project 41 is the perfect answer to anyone wondering how to combine their coffee and cheese cravings in one fell swoop. Brekky jaffles are available all day (what a world we live in!), with the menu sporting flavours like bacon and egg, truffled mac ‘n’ cheese, and – get this – spaghetti bolognaise. Hey, we’re game if you are! Let Minnow Café | Clayfield If this listing sounds a bit fishy to you, relax – you won’t find any sardines on your jaffles here. The fish-themed café is making a splash with its jumbo jaffles, guaranteed to add a wiggle in your fins for the rest of the day. Bite down on specimens such as the chicken parmy, the garlic thyme mushroom and spinach, and the savoury mince with BBQ sauce. Ronny’s | Carseldine Be still our grumbling stomachs. Ronny’s Nutella, banana, strawberry and white chocolate jaffle is life’s testament that love at first sight does exist. Replacing cheese with gooey globs of melted chocolate, the dessert jaffles here should be on any sandwich lovers to-do list. Whether you’re pairing one with your morning coffee or your afternoon scoop of gelato, this jaffle won’t disappear from your thoughts until the sugar buzz does. The Apo | Fortitude Valley We camembert being away from The Apo’s legendary jaffle longer than we need to. The Valley bar’s specialty is a splendorous beauty of raclette, comte, and gruyere. Translation? Triple. Cheese. Jaffle. Consult your GP if the drooling over this combination of ooey-gooey-melty goodness lasts more than 4 hours. Blackbird Espresso | Camp Hill Cheese doesn’t have to be savoury you know – as you’ll find out if you munch down on Blackbird’s ricotta and mixed berry jaffle. Part dessert, part breakfast, it’s a sweet, sweet start to a winter’s morning. Honestly, we crust can’t get enough of these bad boys. Words by Samantha Chariton