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Brisbane’s best Iced VoVo everything

There are some foods that are just undeniably Australian – a meat pie with a squeezy packet of tomato sauce, a sausage sandwich from Bunnings, and of course, the Iced VoVo. The classic biscuit has been in every pantry, cupboard and lunch box for generations, and now it has been re-invented into some new and delicious treats. Trust us, these treats will make you go VoVo.
Doughnut Time | Various
Wake me up before you VoVo – before you VoVo to Doughnut Time for one of their strawberry icing, jam and sugary coconut square topped doughnuts!
Mylk + Ko | New Farm
Want a healthy version of the classic treat? Mylk + Ko blends up an uber good looking Iced VoVo Super Mylkshake, using fresh fruit, almond milk, cocowhip and a delicious housemade raw Iced VoVo!
Putia Pure Food Kitchen | Banyo
Just try and get a coffee at Putia Pure Food Kitchen without caving and picking up one of their gluten free Iced VoVo slices while your there. Go on, we dare you.
Marche du Macaron | Gordon Park
These guys not only make ridiculously good macarons, but they also do an Iced VoVo cheesecake tart so pink and coconutty that you’ll be back for another slice before you can say ‘ice, ice, baby!’
Nutrihitt | Hamilton
Who says Iced VoVos have to be baked? At Nutri Hitt, you might just find a raw version in their cabinet of sweets (or one of their many stockists!), packed with way more goodness than the ones you remember from when you were a kid!
Nitrogenie | South Brisbane
Nitrogenie’s magic flavours change every week, so you might need to wait awhile for their Coco Jam VoVo, but it’s so worth it for a spoon full of strawberry cream, biscuit crumble, jam and shredded coconut, mixed and frozen right before your eyes!
Bam Bam Bakehouse | Gold Coast
Okay, so the Gold Coast’s Bam Bam Bakehouse isn’t quite in Brisbane, but surely we can all agree that it’s worth the trip for an Iced VoVo éclair. That’s right. Iced. VoVo. Éclair. The bakehouse sandwiches coconut cream between two half biscuit/half pastry slices and tops them with an overload of strawberry jam icing. Bam, bam, thank you ma’am! It’s time to go-go for a VoVo! Words by Kate Stevens