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Brisbane’s best ice cream sandwiches

Ahh the humble sandwich. It’s come so far from the plain vegemite sanga. There now exists an array of different sides and fillings, from the fancy cocktail varieties to some of the stranger fast food forms featuring bacon between two pieces of fried chicken (ummmm). But there seems to be a new species emerging on the Brisbane cafe scene causing quite a commotion with it’s sweet side – the ice cream sandwich. Usually cased in a cookie, burger bun, French pastry, cake or even doughnut, these delicious morsels are stuffed with frozen creamy goodness, making it the perfect eat, but also leading us to ask, is this a dessert? Or have we finally discovered a socially acceptable treat that can be enjoyed at anytime of the day? We beg the latter! Lick! Ice Cream | Graceville Assembled to order with your choice of ice cream sandwiched between two freshly baked shortbread cookies and dipped in chocolate, Lick!’s frozen sandwiches are a dairy-lighful afternoon treat. And with ice cream flavours like Redskin, caramelised miso, and popcorn and honey, you’ll probably want to get more than one. Nitrogenie | South Bank & Indooroopilly These South Bank showmen, who create ice cream from scratch right in front of your eyes, have created an ice cream sandwich so bad-ass, it needs it’s own name and trademark. Ok, so it’s sandwiched between macarons and called a burger, but don’t discount it on a technicality. Nantucket | Indooroopilly What could be better than ending an epic day of retail therapy with the sweet temptation of Nantucket’s gourmet ice cream sandwiches? So fancy they come on a plate rather than wrapped in paper, these shortbread and ice-cream stacked rounds, complete with raspberry sauce, are all the therapy we need. ice cream sandwiches brisbaneChester Street Bakery | Newstead Wood fired pizzas, cocktail jugs and Nutella lasagne. If these don’t ring your bell, rest assured, their ice cream sandwiches will! All the flavours and colours you could ever dream of rolled up in one glorious wheel of frozen deliciousness. Cowch | South Bank The (dad joke alert) udderly delicious mini sliders from Cowch are in a whole league of their own, with the choice of frozen yoghurt OR ice-cream. Not to mention the carby component is brioche!! A dessert that even Marie Antoinette would be jealous of! Kwan Brothers | Fortitude Valley TOO BAO TO HANDLE, TOO COLD TO HOLD. Yes, that is what the creative geniuses at Kwan Brothers have named their trio of baos. Dubbed the ‘happy ending’ to your dining experience, these sandwiches are seriously unique, with deep fried baos filled with ginger ice cream. Best washed down with one of their life affirming cocktails. Hello Mooco | Boundary Street Markets, West End One kind of biscuit not enough for you when it comes to sandwiching creamy ice cream up into a hands on package? Hello Mooco will let you choose 2! And the ice cream to put in it, PLUS TOPPINGS. Oh happy day! Chocolate Komberry Co. | Eat Street Markets, Hamilton Follow the bright lights to Eat Street, because you are going to culinary heaven via the milky bun. Gaining exposure nationally, these guys offer ice-cream stuffed sweet buns with injectable sauces (OMG) like nutella and salted caramel. Yeah we know winter is coming, but that just means Brisbane’s ice-cream sandwiches won’t melt as quick, right? Words by Sheldon Hikaiti