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Brisbane’s best hummus dishes

Care for a dip?

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of an eye-rollingly good hummus encounter (and if you haven’t, you okay?), you know damn well that you’d do anything to get your hungry hands on more.

Although it’s a proper time with crackers and carrots, we’ve got the good word on Brisbane venues spreading a little bit of hummus lovin’ with dishes that will dip into your food lust and scoop up a seedy satisfied grin. Chick it out.

NÖM | South Brisbane

Two words – hummus bowl. Let NÖM tickle your fancy with a bowlful of the blessed dip, topped with Israeli salad, and your choice of any cabinet salad available on the day. Served with stacks of flatbread, the only way to fully enjoy this bad boy is by making direct eye contact with jealous colleagues in the lunchroom as you demolish the entire meal in five minutes flat. How’s that revenge for when old mate hit you with a passive aggressive “Regards” email sign-off?

Goodness Gracious Café | Graceville 

Holy hummus. Goodness Gracious is set to start your morning deliciously with their monstrous  mushroom bruschetta. Picture it – toasted sourdough topped with garlic roasted mushrooms, labneh, charred onion hummus, poached eggs and dukkah. We’d like to be alone with the hummus for a minute.

Mecca Bah | Various locations

Your store-bought hummus topped with jalapeños will have to wait, we’ve found something much spicier. Mecca Bah is slinging hummus topped with spiced lamb (!), pine nuts, and herbs served with Lebanese za’atar bread, as well as crispy skin barramundi with roasted tomatoes, crushed walnuts, artichoke, broccoli and hummus! Might just have to get both, darl.

Piggy Back Café | Jindalee

Elevate your basic binch breakfast requirements with the ultimate smashed avo. Piggy Back’s take on everyone’s guilty pleasure is topped with feta, sun-dried tomato, pesto, poached eggs and hummus, because there is a foodie god, and she is good.

Taverna | Kingscliff

Well cover me in hummus and throw me down the cracker aisle. Taverna’s minx of a Mediterranean dish consists of pan-fried white fish, cauliflower hummus (festive), chickpeas, parsley and dukkah.  In between this and the venue’s aesthetics, we’ll be screaming the entire way through dinner.

Miss Jones | Fortitude Valley

One that you definitely can’t miss out on is the Brunswick Bowl, which Miss Jones fills with roasted pumpkin, pickled cabbage, spinach, avo, quinoa, poached egg, pita and sriracha hummus. Humdinger.

Ahmet’s | South Bank

Hummus, but make it meaty. Ahmet’s hummus is dusted with Turkish chorizo for that extra kick, making for the perfect fire starter before working your way up to a Turkish kebab for lunch (yes, you’ll find hummus inside).

Elixir Coffee | Stafford

What’s better than hummus? Beetroot hummus! We are living for Elixir’s pink take on our dippy boy, with that good stuff sitting on sourdough toast accompanied by roasted sweet potato, fresh spinach, a poached egg, Persian feta, dukkah and sprouts.

Remember, hummus where the heart is.

Words by Nicole Portacha
- the gourmand who falls heart first for hummus