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Brisbane’s best hotcakes

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Coming in hot.

Fluffier, sweeter, and slightly-thicker-around-the-middle than their pancake counterparts, hotcakes are fast becoming our new favourite breakfast dish (would you hit us if we say we’ve got the hots for them?).

At first, we were confused. Why give us one hotcake when you could give us an entire stack of pancakes? But a serious appreciation for these fluffy rounds of perfection quietly crept up on us, and now, we’re on the flip side.

Join us on this sweet transition by working your way through Brisbane’s best hotcakes found below.

Sassafras | Paddington

Batter up, buttercup. Sassafrass’ ricotta hotcakes are so legendary up in here that there’d be a mad riot if they ever disappeared from the menu! Sassing your tastebuds with their own house made honeycomb butter and topped off with organic maple syrup, they sure do stack up against our measure. 

Fuel & Co. | Nundah

How can one hotcake be so filling? When you see the size of Fuel & Co’s luscious apple and rhubarb, you’ll see how. Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside and topped with burnt caramel ice cream, crème anglaise and coconut crumble, this bad boy will keep you going all day, until you just have to come back tomorrow and refuel.

No. 5 Café | Fortitude Valley

If we were to define thicc, No. 5 Café’s blueberry and ricotta hotcake would make one fine example. Topped with six slick ingredients, you’ll find maple syrup, vanilla bean, crème fraîche, fresh fruit, and nuts and seeds spread across this slice of breakfast cake (that’s healthy though, so we can grab two servings, yeah?). 

Miss Bliss | West End

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to try this season’s hotcake – the vegan spelt sticky date. Miss Bliss will hook your hotcake up with ginger crumble, maple blossom custard, pistachio coconut ice cream, dehydrated orange and autumn fruits, being the perfect way to warm up your morning (we’re well aware ice cream is a part of this mix, but it’s one of those treats that you could still somehow enjoy atop a snowcapped mountain – change our minds).

Felix for Goodness | CBD

Have your smashed avo on sourdough, and your hotcake too. Felix For Goodness’ sourdough hotcake is paired with saffron poached pear, cardamom syrup, orange ricotta and pistachio – and you’ll never go back to basic after a bite of this bad boy.

The Smug Fig | East Brisbane

Smug? You will be after realising you chose the right place for breakfast after landing The Smug Fig’s ricotta hotcake with toffee infused butter, candied orange and orange butterscotch. Go all out and add ice cream for just $1!


It’s gettin’ hot in here, so eat up all that cake.

Words by Moira Kennedy & Nicole Portacha
- the gourmands who would chuck a big yes to any sort of cake for breakfast