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Brisbane's best hole in the wall coffee shops

No need to wait in line at your local café for a morning brew anymore, Brisbane’s finest coffees are now coming from the unlikeliest of places – including garages, bunkers and hidden alleys. Finding these treasures is almost as smile-inducing as the black liquid itself but if you blink, there’s a chance you’ll miss them. Don’t be depresso though, we’ve caffeinated ourselves up and done the unblinking search for you. Nowhere Espresso | Toowong This little gem is hidden away in the back streets of Toowong. With walls covered in music posters and umbrellas and red stools outside, it’s just big enough to cozy up inside with a book and a hot cup of Joe. Oh, and a sprinkle covered cookie if that’s what your inner child so desires. Espresso Garage | South Bank As the name suggests, this café has made it’s home in a garage. But it’s a garage supplying the best kind of fuel – caffeine and food (coffee being more important, obviously). Simple options like the avocado and eggs on toast let the coffee do the talking, so long as you’re okay with a side of lycra-clad cyclists! Bunker Coffee | Milton Despite first appearances, what lies underneath these tangled vines is nothing short of glorious. As you step off the busy street and into Bunker the soul-awakening scent of coffee fills your senses. It’s enough to drive any addict crazy. And after getting our cold press caffeine on throughout summer, we’re ready to take on the cooler months with their hot coffees in our bellies. Laced Espresso | CBD Walking into Laced Espresso is like receiving a warm hug from that friend with the grunge look going on. Here they have the pay it forward system – where you can purchase a coffee for someone who may not be able to afford one and then munch on your muesli and coffee at the bar satisfied that you may have made the world just that little bit better. The Coop | CBD Though it’s called Coop it’s hardly that – maybe for the staff, but as a customer you’ve got free range. From their own juices and coffees to jaffles, it’s all enough to make any chick, or rooster, peckish. Plus it’s in the ideal location for that quick espresso before heading back to the office! Ugly Mug | Auchenflower Not just a name, an ugly mug adorns almost every inch of this coffee spots tiny space, where the locals go as much for a chat as the smooth beans. Best of all, take in an ugly mug for the growing collection and if it’s hideous enough (there’s a high standard), it will forever snag a spot on the wall. First | Wellington Point Until now, the further away from the city you got the worse the coffee became, but First is here to change that bringing Dramanti coffee to the eastern ‘burbs. They’ve even got fresh baked muffins and pastries to go with it. Who needs sleep anyway? Tell us your fave coffee spot on Facebook and we’ll check it out! Words by Elissa Rogers