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Brisbane's Best Gnocchi

Gnocchi: tiny little parcels of floury joy that divide Italian cuisine lovers everywhere. One can bond with anyone over pizza, lasagne or cannelloni, but gnocchi has the potential to drive a potatoey wedge between even the most fanatical of pasta lovers. The source of all this discord? Bad gnocchi. A well-made gnocchi has the consistency of a heavenly little cloud and absorbs flavour happily; but when it’s bad, it’s jaw-cramping, tooth-achingly bad.

To save you from the pain of a sub-par dinner, here’s our list of Brisbane restaurants that churn out perfectly light, flavoursome gnocchi that will have you off the fence and gnocchi-ing the pasta all over town. Move over spaghetti, we have a new favourite carb!


It’s the food so nice you can say it twice! Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers is Brisbane’s first ever gnoccheria with six different kinds of gnocchi! We love the slow cooked duck ragu gnocchi but don’t worry – we’ve taste tested all six for very serious research purposes and can confirm every single bite is utterly gnocchilicious!


Step into your new home away from home and embrace your new Italian family – Tuesday and Wednesday gnocchi nights at Ristorante La Famiglia is gnocchi one you’re going to want to miss! With five different varieties to choose from, freshly hand-rolled that morning, Nonna couldn’t have done it better herself. Choose from options like classic pork and beef Bolognese – or do as the G&G does and spice it up with Italian pork and fennel sausage, chilli and crispy pancetta. Bellissimo!


Finally, a menu that caters to both carnivore and herbivore gnocchi lovers alike! Saint Lucy truly is sent from heaven, with two varieties which represent the two sides of the gnocchi world. In one corner, the house made gnocchi are traditionally pale and fluffy clouds of joy perfectly contrasted with crispy pancetta. In the other corner, the uber-cool black gnocchi, a vegetarian option with a dark hue and triple cheese cream, totally in keeping with the black food trend. Can’t decide? Bring a friend and share both!


Want to feel a little better about your carb consumption? Coppa Spuntino’s gnocchi features everyone’s favourite superfood, kale, so you can basically call it a salad, right? Teamed with walnuts and decadent truffle this is a refined take on a classic that we just can’t get enough of.


If you’re looking to impress, go no further than Grappino. This Paddington institution serves up Italian with fine dining style, and their gnocchi is no exception. The gnocchi ai funghi is prepared with mushrooms, fresh cream, pinot grigio, white truffle oil and parmigino! Talk about decadent!


Put on your best Gucci, it’s time to head to Bucci, one of Brisbane’s most stylish Italian haunts. It’s a place to see and be seen, and there’s nothing better to munch on while people watching the glam James St crowd than the gnocchi alla boscaiola. Potato dumplings tossed in a creamy mushroom sauced with plenty of parmesan and smoked Salumi Australia pancetta? Just throw in a glass of pinot grigio and you have the perfect Italian meal.


Aquila Caffe Bar love gnocchi so much that they regularly throw gnocchi degustation nights! Five courses dedicated to gnocchi?! Amaze. Not to mention one of those courses is a DESSERT gnocchi! This has to be tasted to be believed. Keep an eye out on our What’s On page to see when the next Gnocchi Your Socks Off night is on.

And there you have it, food-mad folks, that’s our round-up of Brisbane’s best gnocchi. Try now, thank us later. We will be content in the knowledge that we’ve ended the gnocchi wars for good.

Words by Lucinda Kent