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Brisbane’s best fried chicken

Well, slap us ‘round and call us Susan, Brisbane is getting clucky for all things fried chicken! From traditional crispy chipotle to spicy pan-Asian delicacies, this is one trend that’s way too much fun to just wing it. So, don’t leave your next craving to chance, here’s our guide to the city’s best chicken feeds worth crossing the road for. Someone bring us something deep friend and smothered in gravy!
Winner Winner | Paddington
It’s ok, these guys don’t mind if you yell ‘Winner winner, chicken dinnerrrrrrr!’ as you make your order. With the entire menu dedicated to fried chicken (seriously – you won’t find no pork or beef here), you’re bound to get a little greasy tucking into buckets of wings and beers.
Hello Chicken | Bowen Hills
Hello, is it fried chicken you’re looking for? Well Hello Chicken have it in spades, all dished up from their cute yellow Kombi on King Street. Here, you’ll find fried chicken five ways: original, soy garlic, Korean chilli, snow cheese and crazy-hot chilli. The only problem? Picking just one!
Seoul Bistro | Sunnybank
Sunnybank you’ve done it again! Not only do these guys do some of the crispiest, tastiest wings and chicken burgers you’ll find in town, but they’ll dish up all the wings you can eat with their buffet option! Cluck yeah. And with 7 different flavours of wings to choose from, you’ll want to take an appetite so you can try them all – if you can resist their new crispy chicken burgers, that is.
Momo Chicken & Beer | Runcorn
Got a serious itch that only Asian styled fried chicken can scratch? Runcorn, don’t walk to Momo Chicken & Beer and get your hands on a plate of their crispy chicken legs, then wash it all down with an ice-cold beer.
Southern Attitude | Bulimba
Hey cowboys, have you had a chance to say ‘howdy’ to this fine southern belle? Well do yourself a kindness and tip your hat to their southern style chicken breast with hickory BBQ sauce. Yee ha!
Shady Palms | Greenslopes
Feeling a little shady? Banish last night’s sins with a double helping of Shady Palms’ southern fried chook with bacon mac ‘n’ cheese and country style gravy.
Greaser | Fortitude Valley
Like your fried chicken with a little more street cred? Think chicken pieces marinated in buttermilk and fried southern style, with red eye gravy and smoked chipotle mayonnaise. BYO flipcomb.
 Yardbird | Paddington
These southern fried wings bring all the boys to the Yardbird, and they’re like, it’s better than yours. Damn right, it’s better than yours. They could teach you, but they’d have to charge. And they do, but it’s pretty ‘cheep’ considering how addictive it is.
The Flying Cock | Fortitude Valley
The name is silly, the burger is seriously good. We’re talking crispy deep fried chicken with pickled pawpaw, iceberg lettuce, cheese and nori mayonnaise. We can’t blame you for getting a little cocky.
Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall | Caxton Street
Well, well, well would you look at that, Brisbane’s favourite moose bedecked saloon continues to delight with their comfort food laden menu, and their crispy southern fried chicken tenders are no exception. You’ll be clucking for more! Words by Rachel Murphy