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Brisbane’s best food trucks

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If gravy trains, rocky road, fairy floss, and the trolleys at yum cha tell us anything, it’s that Brisbane’s favourite foods are always on the move.

However, when it comes to enjoying a mobile meal, nothing beats the humble food truck! The staple of markets, festivals, and weddings everywhere, a gourmet food truck is the go-to option for eats on the go.

Ready to 4WD on, foodies? Then read our list of Brisbane’s best food trucks below!

King of the Wings

New to the food truck game? Brisbane’s number one food truck (as voted by The Courier-Mail) will take you under their wings… chicken wings, to be exact! King of the Wings is famous for their delicious range of spicy hot wings and is a regular at the monthly Shorncliffe food truck fests and Howard Smith Wharves.

A hotspot (literally) for gorgeous buffalo wings, we suggest starting with their signature southern-style flavour before turning up the heat with the Bee Sting (honey sesame with sweet chilli) or Chillogy (three of Australia’s tastiest chillies combined) wings.

Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers

Reading out the six different gnocchi flavours available from the Gnocchi Gnocchi food truck–now that’s our favourite kind of pillow talk. This food truck’s pasta pillows have been making waves in markets across Brisbane, with their wild mushroom and truffle option taking the top spot in our eyes. Combine al dente with andele and pick up a delish serving soon!


Travelling in a fried-dough kombi are the Men At Work in Pizzantica’s irresistible food truck! Specialising in Napoli pizza, Pizzantica are revered for their diavola pizza and pork fennel sausage slices, topped with purple potato and rosemary. You can catch them regularly at the Green Beacon Brewing food truck nights and at Milton Markets.

Catch and Kiss Seafood

What a catch! So big and blue that you can’t miss it, Catch and Kiss Seafood is one of the best seafood joints on wheels servicing the greater Brisbane area. Be sure to sidle up to Claudette (the truck’s nickname) to indulge in crunchy calamari or quality fish ‘n’ chips next time they set up shop at Howard Smith Wharves. 

Ruby Ice Cream Van

There’s no place like home…and the Ruby Ice Cream Van! While a favourite among students thanks to its regular appearance at The University of Queensland’s St. Lucia campus, Ruby paints the town red and is known all over Brisbane’s for its delicious ice cream. The best scoops? We can’t go past the sherbet and sprinkles or classic pistachio and white chocolate sundae!

Mi Casa Burger Truck

In the words of Jules Winnfield, ‘God damn, god damn, god damn.’

For a delicious burg’ served with a side of Pulp Fiction, look no further than the on-theme Mi Casa Burger Truck! Specialising in Tex Mex cuisine (and Travolta quotes), these guys are loved for their quality Big Kahuna 2.0, which is filled with charred pineapple, grilled bacon bites, and cheddar cheese.

The Bun Mobile

Boasting more buns in the boot than any of the other food trucks on this list is The Bun Mobile, who frequents the east side of Brisbane from Wednesdays to Saturdays! They say the best things come in threes, which is The Bun Mobile does only three steam bun flavours (and does them well)! Be sure to pick up their wagyu, pork, or chicken buns served with veggies and sauce soon.

Rolls Pho Mi

Taking to the streets (literally) with their Vietnamese goods is the Rolls Pho Mi food truck, who regularly rolls into festivals and markets across Brisbane. Feel like a baller when nibbling on their grilled Viet pork meatballs, or get slurping with their delicious range of pho, including sliced beef and brisket served with rice noodles, bean sprouts, Thai basil, and 24-hour brewed broth. 

Mac From Way Back

Holy macaroni. It turns out Brisbane has a dedicated mac ‘n’ cheese truck, and he’s driving to a market near you soon! Serving up cheesy goodness in the form of burgers, deep dishes, and on top of fries, Mac From Way Back is known to habit the Bacchus Brewing Co. and the Beenleigh area.

That BBQ Joint

Want to hear something real saucey? That BBQ Joint food truck specialises in quality low and slow ribs, pulled pork, and smoked ribs doused in the best BBQ Brisbane has to offer. All smoke and no mirrors, we suggest heading to their regular spot at Milton Markets to feast on their irresistible sliders filled with pulled pork shoulder, slaw, and That BBQ secret sauce.


Pay attention, Brisbane–y’all should know the best pickup lines are the lines to pick up a tasty treat from these Brisbane food trucks.

Words by Jacqueline Pon
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