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Brisbane's best food markets

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Brisbane Markets

In the market for the food market? Good thing Brisbane is teeming with dozens of them, spanning from the suburbs to the city, sizing both big and small!

As little piggies who love going to the market, rest assured the G&G know all about the local scene, from where to find the odd rambutan or four-for-the-price-of-one mangoes, to bagging avocadoes that aren’t shepherds (fess up peeps – we all know hass is better).

Ditch the single-use plastic and don the overalls, Brisbane – it’s time to shop.


West End has a food market as eclectic as the locals? How bazaar, how bazaar.

Seriously though, when it comes to combining live music and flawless coffee straight from a mysterious gypsy van, West End’s Davies Park Markets can’t be beat. Aside from an awesome range of fresh produce, our beau Davies also serves up great ready-to-eat goods for you to enjoy while stretched out on the park’s endless green spaces. Every Saturday, 6am – 2pm.


Hop on to your magic hemp carpets and prepare to ride into a whole new world at Milton Markets – things are about to get continental.

Open every Sunday underneath the leafy canopy outside Milton’s Royal Thai Orchid restaurant, fan-favourite stalls at this marketplace are packed with doughy Hungarian langos, sweet Portuguese tarts, and flaked-to-perfection French almond croissants. Chuck in a range of produce, live music, easy parking, and hey presto! Milton, here we come. Every Sunday, 6am – 12pm.


After an eco-friendly market that’s so ferry good, you don’t need a car to get there?

Stroll on in to the Powerhouse on Saturdays for a jam-packed Jan Powers farmers market day! Once you’re done perusing all the great produce, flowers, and deli goods, be sure to grab a coffee and delicious treat (French pizza, anyone?) from any one of the food vendors lining the way. Man’s best friend is also welcome! Every Saturday, 6am-12pm.


Work in the CBD? Clear your lunch break on Wednesdays for the Brisbane City Markets, located by Treasury Brisbane at the end of Queen St Mall. Think bagels, pasta, smoked meats and international cuisine, alongside produce and seafood caught fresh that morning.  Our tip? Return at the end of the day for the best fruit and veg at dirt cheap prices. Want four mangoes for $5? This is the place to find it. Every Wednesday, 8am – 6pm.


For those whose alarm clock never sees an AM on a Saturday, here’s a market you’ll be able to make it to. Mount Gravatt Street Food Market is known for its super vibey atmosphere, mesmerising mimosas, and stellar cocktails (at a marketplace? Who knew). Every Saturday, 4pm-9pm.

Alternatively, fight the urge for extra zzz’s and hit up the Sunday morning market for awesome fruit and veg, flea markets, flowers, and locally-sourced honey. Every Sunday from 6am-12pm.


Speaking of popular weekend markets, how could we not mention Brisbane’s big kahuna at Rocklea. Head in for some of Brisbane’s best squeezed orange juice, baby greens, Bagel boys creations, and the Roesti Revolution van at the Saturday Fresh Market, or opt for the Sunday Discovery Market where local musicians and 380 stalls of hidden treasures always bring a crowd. (Saturdays, 4pm – 10pm) soon! Every Saturday and Sunday (6am-12pm) 


Live music and good food – can you name a better night-market combo?! Popping up in different locations around Logan every month, the delectable ever-changing food trucks (although Doughnut Time seems to always make an appearance!) and live performances from local artists makes this night-time market the perfect place to browse just outside of Brissie. Last Friday of every month, 5-9pm.


There’s something fishy going on at Inala, and it’s time you stopped by to investigate! Be careful to stay steady on Duong Duong’s slippery cement floors as you trawl your way through all of Brisbane’s best catches and other seafood delicacies. The perfect spot to hook a tasty mud crab or place your order for Christmas prawns, be sure to visit anytime. Open daily 7am-5.30pm.

Enough stall-ing, more carting it to your nearest market today!

Words by Jacqueline Pon
- the bargain-hunting gourmand who digs a grandma trolley