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We’ve come a long way from the days of pizza delivery services. From gnocchi to bacon and eggs, and even an anonymous eggplant, food delivery options are ever pleasing and plentiful.

We recently stumbled upon a brand new delivery bebé, Burger Face, and noticed that they’re offering $2 cheeseburgers today and tomorrow (seriously, get on it), which made us wonder what other delivery heroes are living amidst us regular folk. In light of this, we’ve hand picked Brisbane’s best food delivery options – for those moments where you are too busy, too lazy or, let’s face it, too hungover to go out to eat.

Best Burger Delivery: Burger Face

It’s not hard to crown Brisbane’s supreme burger overlords when they’re offering $2 cheeseburgers for two days. Keep your phones at the ready from July 26-27, because seriously… $2 for the best burgers in town. How did we get so lucky? Just be one of the first 200 people to order and it’s all yours. Up the ante with a maple bacon cheeseburger, or find solace on those dusty days with the hangover pack, featuring a breakfast burger, hash brown and a berocca twist and go. You still might need to wear your sunglasses to work, but it’ll hurt a little less.

Get your $2 cheeseburger from Deliveroo on 26 & 27 July, or Ubereats on 27 July.

Best Pizza Delivery: Corbett & Claude

You’ll definitely want a pizza this (especially since they won Queensland’s top pizza restaurant for 2017). Costing around the same as any other pizza delivery service, you’ll grab onto a slice of gourmet life and never look back. Naturally you’ll have to get cheesy garlic pizza bread, but what if we were to tell you that you could also have haloumi chips, or even a flippin’ meat and cheese board before you mushroom and feta pizza? Night. Sorted.

 Best Asian Delivery: Pawpaw

If you’re getting a bit overwhelmed with delivery apps and their billions of options, get around Pawpaw’s solo delivery app. This little beauty is strictly for all Pawpaw stores, including Mons Ban Sabai, Woolloongabba and Asian Tingalpa. Tuck into their best selling Massaman curry, wagyu creen curry and isan crying tiger from the comfort of your own couch – minus the stress of choosing what to eat.

Best Mexican Delivery: Comuna Cantina

Hola! We can’t go past a good grilled chicken taco, but can we take a moment to just appreciate the other goods please? Let’s start with hand cut plantain banana chips with guac, chicken arepas with pico, corn salsa, aioli and guac (has anyone else noticed that you don’t have to pay extra for guac? Bless), and wash it all down with a fresh juice mocktail.

Best Chicken Delivery: Winner Winner

.… Chicken dinner (c’mon, you said it too). But seriously, whether you want wings, burgers, tenders or the whole darn bird (which is literally what they call a whole chicken, we want to be friends with these guys), Winner Winner is the wish to your bone. Cooked the authentic Nashville way, this stuff is cluckin’ good.

Best Vegan Delivery: Charlie’s Raw Squeeze

You’ll sure want to squeeze Charlie after these blissful eats. Whoever says vegans only eat seeds are about eat those words. Get around Charlie’s Raw Squeeze strawberry bliss nicecream, acai bowls, snickers bowls, carrot cake bowls and taco salad – and then everything else you can get your hands on.

Best Healthy Food: Pineapple Express

The key to eating healthy is making sure it tastes good, so put down that celery stick and get around that delivery app. Don’t be afraid to get on the smashed avo, we’re sure you’ll still be able to afford that house. If you’re still too anxious to risk it, get the pulled pork organic nachos, or a cheeky raw caramel slice – because raw means you can have more.

Best Dessert Delivery: Gelato Messina

Let’s just say that we don’t scream for ice cream anymore. Gelato is the way to go, and why get a big ol’ tub of vanilla when you can get a big ol’ tub of up to five Messina flavours. People have been going nuts for apple pie, pistachio praline and pannacotta with fig jam and amaretti biscuit (yes we’re still talking about gelato).

As they say, great things come to those who order through delivery apps. 

Words by Nicole Portacha