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Brisbane’s Best Farmers Markets

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Farmers Markets Brisbane

If you’re not quite ready to throw on a pair of overalls and dig up your veggies yourself, the next best thing is to visit a farmers market.

With Sunday mornings growing ever brighter (no more having to get up before dawn to get a car park!), the best time to get in the habit of hitting the Brisbane markets for your greenery is now.

Luckily for those who prefer to spend their weekends munching on bacon than driving around the countryside looking for roadside stalls, farmers markets have mushroomed all over town.

Overflowing with local produce (and also a whole lot of cheese if that gets you more excited than cauliflower), they might just inspire you to finally start that spring detox. 

The Milton Markets | Milton | Every Sunday

Oh stop it, you’re Milton our free range hearts. The Milton Markets roll around every Sunday, featuring the freshest farm-direct produce, including meats, seafood, eggs, honey, gourmet food stalls, arts and craft, and more. That’s going straight in our basket.

Davies Park Markets | West End | Every Saturday

You never know just what you’ll come across at the Davies Park Markets, where the alternative vibe means you’ll find everything from organic apples and baked goods to cricket powder and soy candles. Once you’ve stocked up on all the fruit and veg you can carry, stop at one of the many, many food stalls for breakfast.

Saturday Fresh Markets | Rocklea | Every Saturday

Unless you’ve mistakenly rocked up on a Sunday and found yourself lost in a maze of trash and treasure, you’ll go bananas for these markets. Always full of bargains, there’s plenty of goodies to be found and it’s not all just fruit and veg. Smoked meats, freshly baked breads, jams and pasta – you won’t even need to hit the supermarket after this weekend jaunt.

Carseldine Markets | Carseldine | Every Saturday

For fresh produce with a side of food puns, you can’t go past these north side markets. Wander through the stalls of in-season produce from South East Queensland and find yourself walking out with way more than you intended to purchase. Because who can resist cheese and cupcakes? 

Northey Street Markets | Windsor | Every Sunday

The Northey Street Markets are one in a melon, and will probably make you feel as though you’ve wandered into a commune. But for organic produce, free range eggs and fair trade coffee beans, there’s nowhere better. Just be sure to stop by the Chai Café for breakfast after you’ve stocked up on all your goodies. 

Jan Powers Farmers Markets | Mitchelton | 1st Sunday of the month

While the city and Powerhouse markets are deliciously gourmet, the Mitchelton markets are the ones to go to if you’re after rosy radishes and plump peaches. You’ll more than likely meet the growers face to face, and can even ask them the best way to cook up their produce.

Words by Ranyhyn Akui