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Brisbane's best dumplings

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We’ll sign for these delicious packages.

Dumplings are quite possibly the best eats ever invented (us after thinking solely about any one dish when we’re hungry). They’re bite-sized, they’re juicy, and whether you like yours poached, steamed or pan-fried, you know that saying yes to a cheeky dumpling run of any sort will leave you feeling pretty wrapped.

The thought of a food-based run has pushed us to hunt for Brisbane’s best dumplings, and by gum, we reckon we’ve caught ‘em all. Find our (and soon to be your) favourites below.

Little Valley | Fortitude Valley

A decked out dumpling menu can be daunting for those of us that straight up suck at making decisions – so you’ll be chuffed to know that Little Valley has four options, and that they’re all you’ve ever needed. Get your chopsticks around the shiitake and water chestnut dumpling, prawn, corn and XO dumpling, chicken wonton or chilli crab and pork xiao long bao (or all of the above, because choices really are the enemy).

Donna Chang | CBD

One of the CBD’s most gorgeous Sichuan and Cantonese-inspired restaurants is home to some of Brisbane’s most sensational spicy pork xiao long baos and steamed dumplings. With the latter filled with crystal prawn and coriander, you’ll gain a newfound appreciation for ‘less is more’ as this perfect package delivers a healthy punch of flavour. Left, right, good night.

Little Red Dumpling | various locations

It’s all in the name, brother. Little Red Dumpling’s menu has 11 dumpling offerings, including a healthy mix of traditional and trendy flavour combinations. Go for the pork and chives, and stay for the rainbow dumplings (a selection of dumplings in a colourful wrapping) – or feast your way through the entire list.

Harajuku Gyoza | various locations

Described as ‘little Japanese dumplings of happy’, this well-loved gyoza institution creates mouth-watering Japanese dumplings, and not just of the savoury variety. No judgement if you make the trip in purely for a serve of wickedly crisp Nutella and banana gyoza, topped with a dollop of vanilla ice cream for good measure. Super happy face.

Bamboo Basket | Various Locations 

This traditional Chinese restaurant, with two stellar locations to choose from, is famous for its xiao long bao, aka soup dumplings. Stuffed with juicy Shanghai pork mince, these steamed creations provide the best of both worlds: soup and dumplings combined into one. One bite will release a stream of delicate broth, flooding your mouth with flavour. Delish. 

Sono | Portside Wharf

Manners be damned, these crispy pan-fried pork gyozas are just too good not to scoff! Albeit simpler than the largely posh nosh on the modern Japanese menu, we’d happily chow down on a serve or three any day of the week. Extra points for the finger-licking dipping sauce. 

Fat Dumpling | Various Locations

Dumplings take a fancy turn down at Fat Dumpling. Hand made in front of you, these dumplings come fried, poached or steamed and in a myriad of flavours (our favourite is the poached chicken and asparagus). 

New Shanghai | CBD

If the decor doesn’t get you in the door, the specialty soup dumplings just might! House made in the ‘dumpling theatre’, order the crab meat, smoked ham and sesame, pork belly or the shepherd’s purse dumplings and taste them for yourself! 

Landmark | Sunnybank

The yum cha masters at Landmark will serve you anything from chicken feet to deep-fried calamari to deep fried taro puffs. Brought to your table on trolleys, just pick which ever box your dumpling heart desires and then wait for more to be wheeled over. Better start practising those chopstick skills! 

Words by Ranyhyn Akui & Nicole Portacha
- the gourmands who love bite-sized food, because lazy