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Where to try Brisbane’s tastiest duck dishes

Don’t be a goose, Brisbane.

So rich and so versatile, duck is a protein celebrated in cuisines around the globe. We’ve rounded up our favourite duck dishes here in Brissie, and it’s nothing short of a foodie adventure…

Magret de canard rôti, céleri boule, purée de légumes et mûre and jus de cuisson | Montrachet

When we dine out at somewhere luxe like Montrachet, we tend to go for the tasting menu–a curated selection of the restaurant’s best dishes. The star of Montrachet’s tasting menu is the fourth course of slow roasted Aylesbury duck breast with salt baked celeriac, root vegetables, blackberry purée and pan juices, accompanied by sautéed broccoli and thinly shaved lardo. Decadent, traditional, and perfectly wholesome. 

K.F.D | Detour 

Yup, it’s exactly what you think it is. Juicy duck fried up Kentucky-style and served with jalapeño cornbread and sour cream. It’s almost too good to be true.

Pappardelle al ragù d’anatra | Julius Pizzeria and Beccofino 

Not a day goes by when we don’t crave this iconic duck ragu. Cooked low and slow in a rich tomato sugo, there’s a reason this dish is both venues’ signature. Now for a glass of pinot… 

Roast duck | Donna Chang

This opulent inner-city beauty is serving looks AND modern Chinese delights. Seemingly simple but executed faultlessly, Donna Chang’s Chinese roast duck with plum sauce is an 11/10. 

Duck tacos | Red Hook

Red Hook takes fusion to another level with a menu that takes you from New York to Japan to Mexico to China. Their tacos are loaded with peking duck, hoisin sauce, fried shallots and slaw–a perfectly balanced street eat. 

Confit duck cassoulet | La Lune Wine Co.

Hello, southern France. Hello, warming winter flavours. Hello, La Lune. This confit duck cassoulet is jam-packed full of flavour, and accompanied by a fresh radicchio and walnut salad for the perfect seasonal plate. 

Peking duck spring rolls | Ping Pong

Sitting pretty in pink at Newstead’s Gasworks Plaza, Ping Pong has won us over with their crispy peking duck spring rolls, loaded with juicy meat and punchy flavours!

  • Donna Chang
    Donna Chang
Aged duck | Agnes

This Valley hotspot has reached celebrity status, utilising old school techniques and modern flavour combos. No electricity, no gas, just fire. The outcome? Ridiculously tasty dishes like aged duck with bread sauce and cumquats.  

Peking duck | Billy’s Pine and Bamboo Chinese Restaurant 

We all have a local Chinese spot that we know and love. Billy’s is ours, and their peking duck is an absolute classic. Head to Cannon Hill to taste it for yourself! 

Duck and lychee red curry | Emily Yeoh 

Lots of love goes into this hearty dish, which starts with Emily Yeoh’s secret spice mix, before being sous vide-bathed and roasted for eight hours. The decadent duck is served up with fresh lychee and a housemade red curry sauce. Delicious. 

Tea-smoked duck bao | Southside Bistro

You’re sure to find some epic Asian-style duck down in Sunnybank, like Southside Bistro’s tasty bao. Loaded up with oolong tea smoked duck, truffle bechamel and cherry salsa, these bao are perfectly accompanied by the duck fat roasted French fries with bulgogi aioli. 

Duck buns | Chu The Phat

Sitting damn high on our list of things we couldn’t live without, we are huge fans of Chu’s buns.

Warm, fluffy and full of duck goodness, they are the perfect morsel to start your meal with. 

Canard l’orange | La Cache à Vin

This one simply had to make the roundup. The team at La Cache à Vin are masters of traditional French cuisine, exemplified by their canard l’orange–roasted duck breast with potato boulangère, fioretto blossom, and orange jus. 

Roast duck | Happy Boy

Available on its own, shredded up in their house fried rice, or snuggled up in a pancake, Happy Boy’s roast duck is truly next level (especially when paired with a drop off their rotating wine list!).

Talk about a ducking good time. 


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Words by Elizabeth Markwell
- The gourmet who is ducking and weaving to get to these dishes.