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Brisbane’s best deep fried eats

Clean eating is great and all, and might get us those flat abs we’ve been fantasizing about, but sometimes (ok, all the time) we’ve got a craving that just can’t be satisfied by boiled chicken with a side of kale. A craving for something crunchy, crumbling and dripping in oil – a craving for deep fried eats. So if, like us, the mere sound of that sizzle as the basket hits the oil usually has you throwing all #cleaneating aspirations by the wayside, then this list of Brisbane’s best deep fried eats is for you. Kentucky fried duck | Public | CBD Public’s KFD is all it’s quacked up to be, and after one bite of the juicy duck with its crisp and spicy coating, you’ll never go back to the Colonel’s original again. Deep fried lasagna | Mangia Mangia | Food truck Your Nonna couldn’t have even dreamed of this indulgence – so it’s lucky these Italian street truckers did! Layers of pasta, mince and cheesiness crumbed and crisped to perfection is even better than it sounds. Doughnut breakfast | Brio | Teneriffe Doughnut go on without having sampled the deep fried goodness that is Brio’s housemade doughnuts with bacon (yes, bacon) and maple syrup for breakfast! Mac ‘n’ cheese squares | Red Hook | CBD Cheesy, carb-loaded AND deep-fried, these morsels manage to take mac ‘n’ cheese to a whole other level. Deep fried silken tofu | Fat Noodle | CBD Ok, normally we wouldn’t touch tofu with a 10-foot pole but somehow, Fat Noodle turns it into a crisp, flavoursome, melt-in-your-mouth morsel, just made for dunking in soy sauce. Deep fried pickles | NKB Express | Indooroopilly If you haven’t tried this US snack yet, you haven’t experienced pickles in their best form. A form that NKB Express knows just how to create. Crumbed mozzarella sticks | Sorellina | Woolloongabba More creamy deep fried cheesiness, this Italian delight is stringy mozzarella crumbed and fried to warm, gooey heaven. Karaage wings | 5 Boroughs | Greenslopes What happens when you give chicken wings a Japanese makeover? The karaage wings at 5 Boroughs! With a side of Japanese mayo of course. Beef cheek spring rolls | Cicada | CBD We don’t know about you, but we’re loving the creative things people are doing with spring rolls at the moment – particularly the beef cheek spring rolls at Cicada! deep fried eats zeus streetChocolate loukoumades | Zeus Street Greek | South Banks Love the Greek festival and its honey puffs? Imagine those drizzled in rich chocolate and you’ll have Zeus’ chocolate loukoumades. Haloumi fingers | Escobar | New Farm Because the only thing better than cheese is deep fried cheese. All you need to make these sticks of joy better is a jug of Escobar’s sangria. Tiger prawns and potatoes| District 1 | Fortitude Valley Deceptively simple, these tiger prawns are wrapped in potato noodles and fried to golden perfection. Because breadcrumbs are just so 2006. Deep fried golden Gaytime | Chocolate Komberry Co. | Food truck If you thought deep fried croissants filled with cream were indulgent, wait until you get a load of this pastry wrapped, deep fried Golden Gaytime. Deep fried Mars Bars and Oreos | Chompers | Yeronga It might not look like much, but Chompers goes hard when it comes to deep fried eats. Including battered Mars Bars and Oreos wrapped in pastry. Oh yes. Phat Elvis | Shady Palms | Greenslopes Are you ready for this? Take a regular PB&J sandwich, butter it up, crumb it to high heaven and deep fry until that peanut butter and jelly is just waiting to ooze out. Fried zucchini flowers | 1889 Enoteca | Woolloongabba Floral and fried don’t usually go hand in hand but these crunchy golden flowers are definitely an exception to the rule. Deep fried olives | The Sangria Bar | South Bank Stuffed with goats cheese and crumbed for extra crunch, these deliciously moreish bites go down all too well with a sweet glass of sangria. Jalepeno poppers | The Gypsies Wagon | Gaythorne Not for the faint hearted, these deep fried jalepenos pack a punch and then make up for it with a soft cheesy center. Everything is better deep fried. Words by Samantha McKendry