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Brisbane's best curries

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A perfect curry is the holy grail of spicy food. It’s filling, delicious and warms you to your toes, packing not only the ideal dose of chilli for heat but a plethora of other, finely balanced spices from cumin to ginger. Whether you’re a lover of everyone’s sweet favourite, butter chicken, or a heat-fiend who seeks the most deadly green Thai or Vindaloo around, we’ve sussed out the best places in Brisbane to look for the curry to end all curries. Pla Chu Chee (Fish Curry) | My Thai Auchenflower India dominates the game when it comes to curry, but we can’t forget Thailand – even their salads can contain enough heat to set a small building alight. My Thai is a Brisbane favourite, and their fish curry is a stand-out: fresh Barramundi fillet in a thick, aromatic curry with capsicum, Kaffir lime leaves and Thai basil, coming in at two chillies on the heat-scale. Chicken Hai Hai | Curryville Morningside Do you consider sheer fire-power to be the only indicator of a quality curry? Look no further than Curryville’s chicken hai hai. It’s boasted to be the hottest concoction in Australia, and daring diners must sign a waiver form full of fine-print before digging in. Sherpa Tofu | Kathmandu Newa Chhe’n Paddington Nepalese cuisine is still pretty unfamiliar, but Paddington has been onto it for decades – with origins in a largely Buddhist country, the adorable restaurant features fluttering prayer flags and a list of to-die-for vegetarian dishes. It’s impossible to go past the curry of tofu and “Nepali spices” swimming in a creamy coriander, lime leaf and lemon sauce. Lamb Korma | Taj Mahal Indian Cuisine New Farm All things considered, Taj Mahal is often said to be the best across-the-board Indian in Brisbane – and hey, if it’s good enough for the Indian cricket team to pop in after their games at the Gabba, it’s good enough for us. Follow the lead of our sporty friends and order the uber-traditional lamb korma in all its nutty, fruity, creamy, spicy glory. Are your tastebuds peeling off yet? The kind folk behind these fiery cuisines are considerate enough to also specialise in cooling dishes from kulfi to coconut pudding, so be prepared and order dessert ahead of time. And if you order the chicken hai hai, please, please invite us to watch. Words by Jessimin Horder

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