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Brisbane's best cold pressed juice

Just when we’ve adjusted our tastebuds enough to enjoy spinachy concoctions with only three raspberries for sweetness, the well-established juice trend has stepped up again. Cold pressed juice is the new darling of the health world. Where traditional juicing involves smooshing the fruit and veggies to smithereens with sharp blades (which tends to heat and oxidise it), cold pressed juicers squish the produce at a snail’s pace under high pressure to retain up to five times the freshness, nutrients and enzymes. Less heat equals more good stuff! This miracle drink is popping up everywhere as more and more fitspos jump on the bandwagon, but we’ve squirreled out a handful of locations doing Brisbane’s best cold pressed juices. Press’d Smoothie & Juice Bar | Newstead When there’s a fresh kid on the block in the most notoriously fresh suburb, you know it’s got to be good. Not only do Press’d do amazing Toby’s Estate coffee (because they do), they’ve recently become the first digs in the Newstead neighbourhood to press their own fresh organic juices on-site. You really can’t get fresher than Press’d organic cold pressed juice in Brisbane. Why not try their three day detox cold pressed juice cleanse to put that spring back into your fitspo step? Raw Juicery | Adelaide St, Indooroopilly and Bulimba Forego the morning coffee and grab an early-bird nutrient boost from Raw Juicery on the way to work. As well as a huge range of zesty takeaway options and raw treats, they can also provide you with everything you need for a surprisingly delicious three or five day juice detox. Cocobliss | Various locations Want to instil a love of healthy food in your little ones but they’re fussy eaters (read: broccoli is the apocalypse)? Cocobliss has you sorted. These superfood geniuses understand that fresh nutrients are even more important for growing bodies, so their lengthy cold pressed juice list includes handy kiddie sized fruit combos with a stealthily hidden dose of veg. cold pressed juice Brisbane48 Degrees | Broadbeach One of our fave juice spots may have shifted from Windsor all the way down to Broadbeach, but we’ll take it as a great excuse for a roadtrip to show of our fab new beach bodies from all this healthy drinking! As the name suggests, nothing in this café is ever heated about 48 degrees so that minimal nutrients are killed off – resulting in what is effectively “live” food (all vegetarian, relax). Their juices don’t reach near that temperature – just cold pressed goodness which comes in fantastic brekkie combos… consider us converted. Fundies | Paddington Brisbane health nuts can now add a freshly cold pressed organic juice to your shopping list next time you head to this whole-foodies mecca in Paddington. If you’re lucky it might even stop the inevitable natural licorice and gluten-free chip binge (it’s OK because it’s organic, right?). Pressed Juices | CBD Having watched Pressed take over the juicing world in Sydney and Melbourne, we were a little excited when they finally opened their first Brisbane store in the CBD. Their freshly cold pressed green juices packed with spinach, kale, ginger, celery and all sorts of other good stuff give us a healthy glow that lasts for days. For some healthy goodness to help enhance your #fitspo #bikinibody chances, try out one of Brisbane’s cold pressed juice delights. We promise they come in more colours and flavours than the usual swamp green! Words by Jessimin Horder