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Brisbane's best cold press coffee

As we sweat our way through January, the days are getting hotter. Rapidly. Brisbanites are scouring the local scene for their morning coffee as they’ve done all year – only this time, we’re all crackling in the heat. Giving up the aroma (and caffeine hit) of our beloved bean is not an option. So we’ve turned to the almighty Cold Brew – coffee that has been steeped for hours on end to produce a naturally sweet, unbelievably refreshing brew. For your safety, we’ve pinpointed Brisbane’s best cold press coffee. Don’t spend any more hours melting into Brisbane’s footpath.
Fonzie Abbott | Various
Fonzie Abbott take their coffee seriously. From their onsite fair trade coffee roasting to the rustic surrounds, FA never ceases to amaze us. And one of Brisbane’s most wanted cold press coffees – Tomahawk Cold Brew – brings us back to their humble abode every time.
Bunker | Milton
The problem with cold press, we find, is that usually you have to take it as it comes. Not so at Bunker, where you can get your perfect brew whether you like it triple strength on soy or a mild double on skim. Making lactose free life better, one morning at a time.
Blackstar Coffee | West End
Here, the cold press is a work of art – as are their groovy labels. Whilst perusing their range of single-origin bean blends – all bursting with unique flavour – sip on a cool black, full cream or soy cold-press. You’ll never hate mornings again.
The Roastery Café | South Brisbane
The Roastery Café’s artisan cold brew is bursting with personality – literally – in honour of unique tastes. Quench your thirst with a milky Marilyn Munroe, take a soothing sip of the soy Dalai Lama or get down to business over a black Malcom X.
Blacksmith Specialty Coffee | Mt Gravatt East
Tucked away in the back streets of Mt Gravatt, Blacksmith is a coffee lover’s oasis, where caffeine is more important than life itself. Nab a bottle of their smooth cold press with soy, milk or the simplicity of H20.
Merlo | Various
Winning points for sheer ease of accessibility, with cafes keeping cold press on ice all around town, Merlo’s Black Bear blend will cure any morning grizzle. When you can’t bear the thought of a hot coffee and you’re pressed for time, this is the bottle to grab.
Deer Sir | Hamilton
This place oozes sophistication – it’s probably coming from the sister-store vintage shop next door. You’ll be amazed at the atmosphere. But nothing beats their house-made cold-press, sweetened with agave nectar
Ltd Espresso | Fortitude Valley
Ltd’s best feature? Their exquisite cold press, only slightly moreso than owner Luke’s beard. Fresh, rich and smooth – Ltd cannot be outdone. While you’re visiting, be sure to catch a glimpse of their ever changing but always hilarious a-frames. Now is the time to run free – let your senses be engulfed in the coolest coffee out. You won’t be sorry. Words by Ranyhyn Akui and Julia Hulbert