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Brisbane’s best clean treats

You’ve been eating bowls of quinoa and snacking on kale chips for a whole four days now. You skipped that cupcake filled morning tea at work and side stepped the delicious aromas from the doughnut store downstairs. But now, enough is enough! You need a treat. Luckily, you can now have your bikini body and eat your cake too with the help of Brisbane’s raw food, paleo and dairy free treat distributors. Charlie’s Raw Squeeze | Everton Park Treat yourself for being so damn healthy that you just bought an entire week’s worth of organic produce at Charlie’s and grab a giant serve of NiceCream. Nothing but frozen fruit goes into this guilt free ice cream! Add your favourite sauce to mango, banana, berries or strawberries and cream NiceCream, and you can even throw a raw slice on top. KM Raw ‘n’ More | Morayfield Decadence is waistline friendly at KM Raw ‘n’ More. Beautifully decorated tarts, mini cakes and slices in flavours like salted caramel, espresso and double chocolate are just a few of the goodies available at the café, and you can also get them at The Produce in Ashgrove. Got a friend’s birthday coming up, but the whole squad is trying to get their summer bodies on? Order a raw birthday cake! Nodo Donuts | Various Okay, so we lied when you said you had to side step the doughnuts. Nodo’s baked (not fried) gluten free doughnuts turn do-nots into guiltless treats, with everything from acai to peanut butter flavours available. Find them at Dovetail On Overend, Pawpaw Café, Cowch, Pineapple Express and plenty of other spots while you wait for Nodo to open their very first café! My Plate Clean Treats | Various Taking everything sweet you though you had to give up for summer and turning it into a diet-friendly treat, My Plate are helping us beat our sugar cravings, one raw Tim Tam at a time. You’ll find their raw peanut butter slice, clean banana bread and raw Snickers bars at a few spots around town, including Coco Bliss, Belle Epoque and Little Loco. raw food brisbane clean treats nutrihitt Nutri Hitt | Clayfield Remember how good an iced vovo biscuit is, or your favourite Top Deck chocolate bar? No? Has it been too long since a single bite passed your lips? Well now you can indulge in them any time you like, with the raw goodies from Nutri Hitt! And with so many places to find them, including Spring Hill Deli, Charlie’s Raw Squeeze, Lost Boys and Raw Juicery, you’ll never be left craving the sweet stuff again. Wild Cinnamon | Boundary Street Markets Churning out ice cream made from coconut milk, with no dairy, gluten or refined sugar involved (hurrah!), Wild Cinnamon’s creamy frozen treat is topped with all manner of goodness. Flavours include warm apple crumble with cinnamon granola, salted caramel popcorn drowned in vegan caramel sauce and mint choc chip with raw choc bits. Press’d | Newstead It is a mystery, to everyone except the chefs/magicians at Press’d, how these ultra raw ingredients can be mixed to make such naughty tasting treats! Their raw salted caramel tart is the stuff dreams are made of, but you might prefer raw coconut macaroons or cheesecake. Sol Natural Foods | Fortitude Valley Just finished your vegan pizza or deliciously raw salad and feel like something sweet? Take a wander over to the sweet cabinet at Sol and be ready to drool! With choices like raw slices and cakes, chia puddings with chocolate avocado mouse and gluten free baked goods, there’s no need to say no to dessert. There is now no excuse for you to not look like Miranda Kerr this summer. Well, unless you eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner – everything in moderation guys. Words by Rebecca Grady Feature image credit: Juliette Steen