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Brisbane's best cinnamon spiced desserts

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We’re saying dessert lightly. In our opinion cinnamon nom noms of the sweet kind are an everyday food. Here are six options for you to include in your daily fix. Of course, we’ll still include dessert! Fruit Toast with Cinnamon Butter and Home made Jam | Next Door Kitchen Bar I can’t think of a better way to start the day than to have cinnamon butter generously spread over hot fruit toast. A melted wonderland made perfect with the addition of sweet jammy goodness. Now if only I could have a jug of their giggle water first thing in morning. Churros | Cowch By supper time we’re almost in a food coma from the overload. No, not from cinnamon or sugar but from all the fat. Thank goodness Cowch have cinnamon dipped churros that are baked and served with Lick ice-cream. I know right? Pure weight conscious genius! Apple & Cinnamon Teacake | Jocelyns Provisions A fine-crumbed apple cake made with cream cheese and spread with a cinnamon butter icing and dried apple. I love that I can go online and order this bar of deliciousness before 1pm, and it’ll be ready for me the next day. Talk about the purposeful planning of a cinnamon fix! Cinnabun | Miette’s Boulanegrie and Patisserie The cinnabun (or chelsea bun) is legendary in these parts.If the queues are anything to go by, hordes of other cinnamon freaks love a soft and sweet morsel of dough rolled with cinnamon and sugar, baked and then iced, with their 10am coffee too. These guys also have a cute tradition of sprinkling cinnamon and sugar on their muffins every morning before baking to create an extra special scented crust. Cinnamon Donuts and Gonuts | Flour and Chocolate Each Wednesday sees us scrambling for fluffy rings of fried dough doused in cinnamon and sugar and every Thursday we run out the door for vats full of Gonuts. For the uninitiated, Gonuts are not unlike the cronut or zonut, a half donut, half croissant buttery deep-fried mouthful of pure bliss. Flour and Chocolate so far outshine even Zumbo’s Zonut for me. I could go on but I must draw the line somewhere. Apple and Cinnamon Empanadillas with Natilla | Peasant Loosely translated, apple and cinnamon turnovers with custard. Classy turnovers. Not overly sweet, the perfect amount of cinnamon, and the perfect amount of custard to moisten the crispy pastry. And the good news? You don’t have to order any other courses first! Well, maybe wine. nims xx