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Brisbane’s best chilli con carne

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Chilli con carne is to Mexico what rice is to Japan or garlic is to Greece – it’s a staple in many of the country’s most scrumptious dishes, and we’re pretty sure it has magic health properties for the locals. Made of beans, meat, tomato and varying degrees of chilli, shovelling this spicy stuff on a regular basis might leave us gringos with a burnt tongue rather than a 97+ life expectancy. But just in case, we’ve popped together a list of Brisbane’s best venues to give it a red hot go. Pepe’s Mexican| Newmarket Pepe’s is a north-side institution – they’re coming up on a decade and are known for their mastery of quick, tasty and affordable eats. Get their raved-about chilli con carne on nachos, burritos, on its own (washed down with a friend from their lengthy tequila list) or even for breakfast – hellooo ‘El Ranchero Grande.’ La Quinta| Bulimba La Quinta’s menu is capable of causing hallucinations both because of the insane amount of heat available and because the font is weirdly squiggly. Their tomato-y, garlicy, secret-herby chilli con carne with sour cream is rumoured to be a local hang-over cure, and luckily comes in at only a 1 on the chilli-scale (but the more adventurous can get a side of the freshly roasted chillis). Kettle & Tin Chilli Cook Off | Paddington It’s with a heavy heart that we have to admit this is only once a year, but it’s undeniably the best time to get your chilli on in Brisbane. Kettle & Tin play host to several restaurants (who are generally suspiciously un-Mexican) who battle it out make the best chilli in our fine city. There’s a people’s choice award, so trying them all is 100% mandatory. So there you have it! Put down the Doritos and hot-trot out to get your hands on the magic of Brisbane’s best chilli con carne. Words by Jessimin Horder