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Brisbane's best chicken parmys

Move over, lamingtons! We’re fixin’ for another Aussie staple, and it’s not gonna leave us with coconut all down our shirts. Every Aussie knows that the chicken parmy is as true blue as drop bears and VB. Its cheesy, saucy, meaty topping has transformative powers to overcome the plainest of schnitties, and even the most ravenous of tradies will leave satisfied after one of these bad boys (and, of course, the customary side of chips). We’ve narrowed down the best spots in Brissie to hunker down with one of these monster-meals. Call it a parma, call it a parmy – call it whatever the heck you want: we know you’ll love it. The Flying Cock | Fortitude Valley Considering there’s a massive rooster on their sign, we assumed The Flying Cock probably knows a thing or two about chicken. After tasting their parmas, we can confirm: that sign is legit. Even better, you can grab 2 for $19.99 every Wednesday. We suggest bringing a wingman (or go solo if you’re feeling cocky!). Brisbane Brewing Company | West End Hey, don’t get us wrong, we love the classic chicken parma. But when you see the selection of sides on offer here, you’ll definitely want to add this delicious contender to your Parmy Army. With sides such as jalapeno hushpuppies, haloumi skewers and maple bacon popcorn to chose from, you’ll want to ditch chips ‘n’ salad for good! The Fox Hotel | South Brisbane If we can convince you of one thing, let it be that the cunning team at The Fox Hotel knows how to nail the classic parm. With vine-ripened tomatoes, Napoli sauce, chips and a petite side salad, you’ll feel pretty sly slinking away after making the most of their 2-4-1 parmies on a Tuesday night! Archive Beer Boutique | West End You might have popped your head in, seen Archive’s trendy high tables and stools, and assumed they only served nibbles that would barely fill your beak. Nope – as it turns out, Archive plates up parmas that’ll top any pub meal. On Wednesdays, you can order any two main meals for the price of one. Obviously, the right choice is to order two parmas and stack them together on your plate. Mega-feast! The Brunswick Hotel | New Farm This 127-year-old pub is clearly a fan of the classics. Despite the recent renos, the Brunswick Hotel hasn’t tossed out what’s tried-and-true. You’ll find their classic parma on the main restaurant menu and again on the bar menu (basically, you’ll never be parma-deficient). Wednesdays mean $15 parmas at the Brunswick, and you can order it in one of three styles: original, pizza, or Hawaiian. Sounds like three separate taste-tests are required. The Wickham | Fortitude Valley There’s certainly nothing fowl at The Wickham. This iconic Brissie spot hasn’t forgotten its delicious roots, and is so big it’ll always have room for you and your parma-love. Their menu lists a category called ‘Brisbane’s best’ and the only thing in the category? The Wickham’s panko-crumbed schnitzel. Morph this tasty dish into a parma for just $3 extra and you’ll see why this place has been around for so long. The Milk Factory | South Brisbane We’re pretty sure chickens don’t swim (experts, weigh in here), but that doesn’t seem to matter at this ocean-themed kitchen and bar. While the portholes and antique scuba helmets may have you feeling like you’ve sunk to the bottom of the sea, rest assured, nothing can come between a hungry person and their parma. Grab one for just $10 on Thursdays. That’s a clucking good deal! Picnic Café | Camp Hill Okay, yes, Picnic Café is first-and-foremost a brekkie spot, but that shouldn’t dishearten a true parma fan. As it turns out, ye of little faith, parmas can be found in the most unexpected of places. It’s parma-rama at Picnic Café every Tuesday, with tasty parmas just $15 with any drink purchase. Feel bad for not believing us now? Why did the chicken cross the road? We don’t know, but we know why we crossed the road for the chicken.  Words by Samantha Chariton