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Brisbane’s best cheat day eats

You did it. You made it to Friday, eating only various combinations of oats, chicken and broccoli. Now it’s time to, what is it the kids are saying these days? Oh yes, treat yo’self with a cheat day! But with your highly tuned temple of a body at stake, how will you choose only one meal to rule them all, the one you’ve been waiting for all week? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered with our pre-prepped list of delicious cheat meals with a ‘no calories wasted’ guarantee. Sundae of the Week | Kitchen at Treasury | CBD One look at this pile of ice cream with fudgy sauce and sweet add-ins and all the skipped desserts for the week will be worth it. Changing every week, the sundaes feature no less than 5 scoops of ice cream. Mac ‘n’ cheese squares | Red Hook | CBD Cheesy, crumbed AND deep-fried, these morsels manage to take mac ‘n’ cheese to a whole other level, and definitely blow the diet. Naked Pops | Cowch | South Bank Create your own cheat meal, with your choice of ice cream, chocolate and sprinkles. It’s also your choice whether you have one pop or eight – no choice at all really. cheat day brisbane eats donut boyz Half a dozen doughnuts | Donut Boyz | Various Crème brulee or salted caramel doughnuts? Jam or mocha cream? Thankfully with a Donut Boyz half dozen only $36, you don’t have to choose. Just think of it as working on your six-pack. Gonuts | Flour & Chocolate | Morningside You’ll go nuts for these cream filled pastry doughnuts! Flour & Chocolate change up their flavours every week, but if there’s salted caramel, GEDDONIT. Nutella lasagne | Chester Street | Newstead Winter is all about layering. And what better way to layer than to pile Nutella on three levels of pancakes, and toast it with marshmallows and chocolate fudge sauce. #summerbod come at us! Fairy floss milkshake | Doughnut Time | Fortitude Valley All the motivational quotes in the world couldn’t stop us from ordering one of these bad boys with a doughnut. Delightfully pink and covered in fairy floss, it’s motivation to have cheat day more often. cheat day brisbane eats la macelleria Cookie gelato | La Macelleria | Teneriffe Leave the chickpea and oatmeal cookies behind (seriously, can you even call them substitutes?) and get your face into La Macelleria’s chunky, crunchy, cookie gelato. In a cone, obviously, so you don’t have to waste time with a spoon. Double classic | Ben’s Burgers | Fortitude Valley Double or nothing is the way to go at Ben’s, double or nothing. Unless it’s triple. Get the BB Classic, a fabulously greasy tower of beef, cheese, pickles, lettuce, ketchup and bacon if you dare to add it. Filthy fries | Getta Burger | Carina and Bridgeman Downs Getta Burger’s filthy fries are so saucily good they’re known by reputation only. Not featured on the menu, the fries are topped with BBQ sauce, pulled pork, pulled beef AND melted cheese. Totally worth your subsequent trip to the Emergency Room. Chocolate doughnuts | Barcadia | Bulimba The third doughnut item on this list, you may think you’re all doughnutted out. Think again. With vanilla syringes for ease of filling and an Oreo crunch, there’ll be no sharing this platter. Wings | Buffalo Bar | CBD We couldn’t choose one flavour of Buffalo’s twelve (that’s right twelve) flavours of wings, so we recommend taking a few friends and ordering as many as you can squeeze on the table. If you can fit them, order the cheesy jalapeno poppers. Ferrero Rocher thickshake | Whisky Business | Capalaba Sydney has nothing on Whisky Business’ mason jar shakes. Make the trek to Capalaba for this ultimate chocolate indulgence oozing fudge sauce and coated in Ferrero Rochers. Mega burger | Bella BBQ | Roaming Tender beef brisket, smoky pulled pork and mac ‘n’ cheese? Talk about bulking! You’ll need both hands, and possibly an elbow too, to get this beast under control. Of course if you want a truly epic indulgence, you could head out for one of Brisbane’s degustations, but that might need to be a once a year type deal. Words by Rebecca Grady