Best Lunches In Brisbane's CBD

Brisbane’s best CBD lunch spots

Best Lunch Brisbane CBD

Have a midday hanger so severe your grumbling gut and resting binch face are turning heads around the office?

Whether you’re making a run between meetings or meeting up with friends, sometimes you just need a couple of solid spots in your repertoire to avoid that time-consuming ‘I don’t know…where do YOU wanna go?’ conversation.

Leave your average leftovers in the communal fridge and head to one of our fave Brisbane City restaurants that’ll have you well fed without breaking the bank. 


Sure, you could make a cheese toastie on the office sandwich press, but why would you when Melt Brothers do them so much better, and add potato gems to the toastie fillings… Can you do that in your sad communal kitchenette?


Can’t decide between eating something fresh and light, and stuffing your face with tacos? At Comuna Cantina you can do both, with their summery, bite-sized tacos totally in keeping with your summer-bod diet. If eating with your hands doesn’t really fit with your white collared shirt, tuck into a goodness packed abundance bowl instead (adding halloumi wouldn’t hurt either).


Escape the city without having to leave it at Goldfinch–a green oasis with a budding Mediterranean menu to match! With small plates falling under $20 and heartier mains juuust over the mark (worth it), you’ll be sitting and eating pretty with the likes of cold-smoked pepper beef with truffle mayonnaise, or whisky-cured salmon sourdough pizza. There’ll be zero regrets, but there MAY be a handful of cheeky lunch cocktails thrown into the mix…


For a fresh, modern take on Thai, it’s gotta be Jumbo.

Take the team for share plates at this Elizabeth St beauty, and enjoy bao buns with crispy soft shell crab, betel leaf parcels with smoked trout, peanuts, salted coconut caramel and salmon roe, and the iconic roasted duck red curry with lychee, grilled pineapple and cherry tomatoes.


Hump day eh? Don’t waste another second thinking about where to go for lunch because you are sure to find something new and delicious in Brisbane’s very own CBD farmers market, popping up at Reddacliff Place on Wednesdays until 4 pm, or at Cathedral Square on Thursdays until 2 pm. German sausage/sautéed mushroom/giant smoothie/Brazillian BBQ/kettle corn/bagel sandwich lovers unite–$10 can get you basically whatever your stomach desires. Plus you get to do a load of people-watching as you sit and enjoy your treasures in the sunshine.


Sometimes a boozy work lunch is all you need. Set up camp at a riverfront picnic table, grab an order of burgers, pizza and share plates, a few cocktail jugs, and make a day of it. Until that 3pm board meeting, that is…


Right in the thick of the city’s hustle and bustle, Botero House is a cosy escape, that happens to be insanely delicious. With a homely menu that changes frequently and features flavours from around the world, the team at Botero House work hard to deliver a welcoming and memorable experience to everyone that walks through the door. 


Got a resolution to eat nothing but kale salads and ancient muesli bars during your workday? Red Hook will break that pretty quickly with their epic menu of burgers and American eats, including (fittingly) the Resolution Breaker burger, piled with double beef, double bacon, lettuce, cheese, tomato, ketchup and special sauce.


Look, we’ll admit – there are days when all we want for lunch is cheesey, carby goodness. On those days, we head for Corbett & Claude, and work our way through their pizza and pasta offerings, always followed by their signature strawberry and Nutella cigar. 

With new and exciting Brisbane city restaurants opening all the time, we hope your Rolodex of lunch spots is as exciting as ours. 


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Words by Nicole Portacha and Elizabeth Markwell
- the gourmands who just want lunch that tastes like real lunch.