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Whether it’s your mum’s birthday, a coworker’s last day or just regular Friday binge, a party without cake isn’t a party – it’s more like a meeting.

And while there’s plenty of Brisbane cakes out there that will do the job without the guilt, sometimes you just want an epic, sugar and butter-loaded number that will have everyone’s eyes glazing in joy. If you don’t trust your own cakes to come out fully-formed and moist in the middle, never fear. We’ve got a list of places to buy cakes so beautiful, you’ll be in tiers.

Petal & Peach | Wellington Point

With cakes as sweet as their name, Petal & Peach creates delectable cakes that draw the eye and never let them look away (seriously, help us). If you’re looking to spend the afternoon with your jaw on the ground and drool pooling in your lap, one simply has to swipe through a couple of their cake-tastic Instagram pics. Tahitian vanilla bean frosting has never been more beautiful.

Jocelyn’s Provisions | Fortitude Valley

The perfect spot to nab something sweet for the office morning tea (we like to have them daily), Jocelyn’s Provisions has any cake you could possible want, need or dream of. Because it’s totally normal to dream about salted caramel layered cake, right? These rustic beauties come in all shapes, sizes, flavours, styles, fillings, frostings… um, just give us a moment to catch our breath.

Dello Mano | New Farm

To be honest, birthday brownies could be a popular new theme in your household if you bring home a box from Dello Mano. Admittedly, brownies are more of a transport risk for people who like to snack in the car, so make sure you trust your courier. But if you’re a stickler for tradition, they also do some seriously epic cakes, including a chocolate mousse number that will leave everyone speechless.

Cakes by Judy C | Ashgrove

Worried your party will fall a little flat? Need to make someone smile so they forget they’ve gotten older? Judy C’s crazy-amazing creations might just fit the bill. No simple sponges here, instead you’ll find decadent mudcakes underneath impressive layers of icing and chocolate ganache. And needless to say, their s’more cake always leaves us wanting… well, you know.

Passiontree Velvet | Carindale & Indooroopilly

Cravings driving you up a tree? Mon amie, look no further! Our fave Parisian high tea spot also dresses up some of the prettiest cakes in town. With a gallery of Picasso-esque watercolour icing and celebration cakes topped in macarons, you’ll need to prep for an Eiffel-tower sized food coma – these creations are impossible to resist. Bon appetit!    

Cake & Bake | West End

It’s hard not to get sidetracked in a bakery that so effortlessly does it all (we’re talking preserves, pastries, and irresistible counter treats), but keep your eye on the prize, because Cake & Bake’s display cabinet is chock-a-block with masterfully-crafted cakes. Take our word for it: nothing will win more brownie points than a dense chocolate and hazelnut cake sprinkle with dried rose petals.

Vanilla Pod Specialty Cakes | Albion

Feeling crumby and need a pick-me-up? Spoiled the surprise party and want to extend an olive branch? Fun decorations are just icing on the cake at Vanilla Pod. These beauties will be the bell of the ball. From elegant naked cakes to elaborate sugary frosting, this cakery has every occasion, party theme, and colour scheme covered. Just don’t be afraid to cut into them at the end of the night!

Whipped Cake Co | Online

You’ll never realize what’s been missing from your parties all your life until see Whipped Cake Co’s intricate creations. From the monumental 6 layered of caramel Mars bar mud cake filled with vanilla bean buttercream, crushed Malteasers, flake, Mars Bars and salted caramel sauce, to the simple elegance of a vanilla naked cake, the only recurring theme is that they will all have your mouth watering. Sorry – we should have posted a drool warning first.

Sugar Bomb Cakes | Fortitude Valley

These cakes will hit you like a bomb. A delicious, sugary bomb. A Valley-based dessert shop that makes cakes full of vibrant colours and toothsome flavours, Sugar Bomb’s pastel-coloured layer cakes will make you wonder if you’ve bought dessert or art. The master artists slash bakers also offer in-store baking and decorating classes, just in case you do want to whip one up yourself! With our handy list in hand, you’re bound to find a delectable dessert to save the party. Or, y’know, improve your Tuesday. Provided you haven’t licked off any frosting on the drive home, there are going to be some very happy guests. Enjoy!Words by Samantha Chariton

Images by Judit Losh

Words by Samantha Chariton