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Best Burgers Brisbane

It’s time to mustard up your appetite and relish the food trend that’s not leaving Brisbane streets any time soon: the burger.

Less shy than a sandwich and packed higher than any knife-and-fork affair, it’s time to roll back your sleeves and wave goodbye to those cravings (and, let’s face it, your diet). Our personal trainer suggested exercising more, so we ran to all of Brisbane’s best burger joints. We think he’d be proud.

Scroll down to view our list of Brisbane’s best burgers.

Ben’s Burgers | Fortitude Valley & Petrie Terrace

We’re not sure how they do it, but Ben’s Burgers always manage to look like they were just walked out of a photo shoot. The eye catching burgers taste as good as they look, with the classic fillings of a meat patty (or two), cheese, tomato, lettuce, bacon and just enough sauce to leave your fingers dripping in delicious burger bliss.

Fritzenberger | Petrie Terrace

Even after inhaling our weight in loaded fries, we find ourselves drooling over the beefier icons at Fritzenberger. There’s a reason fries, burgers and brews take up 90% of the menu here (do yourself a favour and order a chocolate Fritzenshake, spiked). 

Brooklyn Depot | South Brisbane

Still hungry? Fuhgeddaboutit! You’ll want a stack of napkins and the foresight not to wear white before tackling the saucy concoctions of deep fried pork belly and pulled BBQ chicken at Brooklyn Depot.

Charboys | CBD

After perfecting their art at the Boundary Street Markets, Charboys are toting da Vinci level beef and brioche creations to the office crowds – just don’t forget to grab an Instagram shot first.

Chur Burger | Fortitude Valley

When you create a burger stacked with crispy pork belly and chili caramel, you pretty much win a guaranteed spot in our hearts. Throw in the option of double meat, and sides of mac ‘n’ cheese topped fries and you’ll see us every weekend. 

Burger Time 69 | Various locations 

There’s one reason you go to BurgerTime 69, and it’s the Death by Maple: Angus beef, maple bacon, American cheese, swiss cheese, BBQ sauce, special sauce, caramelised onion and pickles. Life. Changing.  

5 Boroughs | Stones Corner & Ascot

Burgers stacked taller than the Empire State Building have arrived straight from the boroughs of New York – and you’ll fall in love in a New York minute.

Miss Kay’s | CBD & various locations

All you need to know about the burgers at Miss Kay’s is that all the burgers live up to their names. When you see the Ludakrisp, think hella crispy fried chicken with house slaw, pickles, BBQ sauce and mayo. The Mac Daddy? You guessed it – mac ‘n’ cheese wedged between a beef patty, American cheese and piled high with fries. Yaaaaas.

Getta Burger | South Brisbane & various locations

Getta stack of napkins, getta couple of hours off work, and getta taste of the super-sized badboys at this South Brisbane spot. Just don’t expect to getta bite of your fries halfway through – two hands are needed, no exceptions.

Burger PL8 | Jindalee

These guys must squat, because these buns are mighty fine! With handmade and hand rolled patties, these burgers are seriously fresh and seriously delicious. Whether you’re after something meaty like the Betsy, with a pork and veal patty and basil, or a lighter option (the Fun Guy with mushrooms, sweet potato, tomato, onion, garlic oil, cheese and lettuce, is not only a brilliant pun, but a delicious burger), Burger PL8 will fill that burger-shaped hole in your heart.

MooFree Burgers | North Lakes & food trucks

You’ll be telling beef to moo-ve over after a taste of these badboys. With an established kitchen in North Lakes and a roving food truck worth chasing, MooFree Burgers offers a completely vegan menu every burger fan can enjoy – and with towering creations stacked with bacon-like rashers, cheeze, and totally-tasty beefless patties, you won’t miss the meat!

Mr Burger | Food truck

Here’s one to rev your engines. If ever there was a food worth hitting the road for, it’s burgers. Hit the car, scope out this food truck’s spot for the day, and fuel up.

Red Hook | CBD

Trust us when we say that you haven’t had a real cheeseburger until you’ve tried Red Hook’s Brooklyn cheeseburger. Stacked with a medium-rare beef patty topped with cheese, pickles, ketchup and a special sauce, sometimes simple is better. And if you’re feeling like something not so basic? Red Hook have also got six other burgers to tickle the tastebuds.

Ze Pickle | Fortitude Valley

In a pickle over lunch decisions? Let’s face it, most burger joints claim to be ‘different from the rest,’ but when their Kanye’s Mum burger features a pressed wagyu beef patty, maple bacon, fried cheese sticks, smoked jalapeños, ze fries, jack cheeze and truffle butter, you know they can walk the walk (even if you can’t walk afterwards).

Mi Casa | Food truck

Es su casa. Serving serious meals on wheels, Mi Casa is a Pulp Fiction-themed haven for some of the juiciest burgs in town. Take off your shoes and get ready to dance, these guys mean business.

Just Poppy’s | Riverhills

Just Poppy’s? JUST Poppy’s?! We think Everything Poppy’s rings more true, with a menu that has literally HUNDREDS of burgers to go through. If you suck at making decisions, boy, we’ll be praying to the burger gods in your name. Or if you’d just calm down and bloody listen to us, have yourself a very merry Juan and Only.

Grassfed | South Brisbane

How now zero cow? The only thing Grassfed is killing is the burger game, with vEEF and other favoured vegan substitutes seeping out of every corner.

Remy’s | Paddington

If you just want a classic burg done right, Remy’s cheeseburger is your match made in burger heaven. Let that beef, cheddar, onion, pickle, mustard and ketchup combo lift your spirits into overdrive.

Sorry Beyoncé, but these are the buns we’re aspiring after.

Words by Samantha Chariton and Nicole Portacha
- the gourmands who burger often, and burger hard