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Brisbane’s best breakfast hash

Potatoes have given us chips, vodka, shepherds pie and buttery mash – seriously, all the other vegetables in the world really need to get their act together. In keeping with its totally a-peel-ing and versatile nature, it even makes a delicious breakfast food, and is the only vegetable we’ll happily have seconds of at brunch (avocado is a fruit, ok). So we (tater) tot, why not eat our way through Brisbane’s best hashed up breakfasts to find the tastiest, carb-loaded feeds in town? Arthur’s Green | Red Hill Arthur’s Green’s hash plate is real spud muffin, with crispy spring onion hash browns that are golden on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. With a big pile of bacon, poached eggs and tomato chutney beside them, they’ve got all the important brunch food groups on one plate. Artie & Mai | Albion Haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate – we’re gonna go to Artie and Mai and get some feta hash cakes. From the same team as Arthur’s Green, Artie & Mai clearly know they’ve perfected the hash, with the same crispy hash, poached eggs and bacon pile on the menu here, only with the addition of some creamy feta. Nana & Da’s | Kedron Look, you know our motto – always add bacon. And you could order the crunchy potato and mozzarella hash at Nana & Da’s without it and be perfectly satisfied with labna, relish and a side of yolk porn – but we’re not yolking around when we say you should get it with bacon. And a Bloody Mary. In A Pickle | Camp Hill You call it a potato cake, we call it a potato hash, we all sit down to The Big Pickle at In a Pickle. Now, this plate of goodness is kind of a big dill, with a crispy potato cake, bacon, chorizo, eggs, haloumi, mushrooms and carrot jam. You will not need a second breakfast. The Corner Store Café | Toowong If the only shape you’re in is the shape of a potato, The Corner Store’s hash is all about the more carb-friendly sweet potato, but still involves plenty of bacon, of course. With poached eggs, pesto aioli and a sprinkle of parmesan, this is one hot potato. The Gunshop Café | West End The Gunshop Café never puts a pota-toe out of line when it comes to their classic hash cakes. Whether you prefer potato and feta with sour cream and tomato, or sweet potato and caramelized onion with tomato jam and Toulouse sausage, these hash cakes are so popular they’ll never leave the menu. We hope. Suburban | West End Torn between a good eggs benny and a potato hash? Good thing Suburban have wrapped the two up into one tasty breakfast package and tied it up with bacon, haloumi or pulled pork, depending on your preference (umm bacon AND haloumi, obvs). Hashtag delicious. Words by Sarah Nguyen