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Brisbane’s best breakfast burgers

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There’s no wrong time to eat a burger, but there is something extra satisfying about setting the knife and fork aside and tucking into some carby goodness first thing in the morning.

Thanks to the hard work of many dusty mornings, G&G has uncovered where to get some of the juiciest, tastiest, hangover-busting brekkie burgers in town.

Bare Bones Society | Sinnamon Park

If you’ve just had a big night and are looking to soothe your head with breakfast, look no further than Bare Bones Society. Their Breakfast Burger 2.0 with chorizo, bacon, fried egg, hash brown, mayo, smoky BBQ sauce and cos lettuce served on a toasted Turkish bun is so good you’ll forget all about those 12 texts you sent to your ex the night before.

Saccharomyces Beer Café | South Brisbane

Not only does Saccharomyces boast an impressive lineup of craft beers, they also make a mean brekkie burger – or three. Choose between the bacon and egg, the deluxe bacon and egg with Swiss cheese, spinach, mushroom and hollandaise sauce or the vege burger that comes with a cheese and spinach omelet, topped with tomato, mushrooms and smashed avo. There are no wrong choices here, just dive in face first.

Little Loco | New Farm

Vegos deserve brekkie burgers too. Little Loco’s haloumi burger with Portobello mushrooms, rocket, onion jam, tomato, jalapeno mayo on a toasted polenta brioche bun is delicious enough to tempt vegetarians and carnivores alike. Brekkie burgers pic burger face

Burger Face | Delivery Only

Soothing the worst of hangovers, Burger Face is perfect for those who can’t muster up the strength to venture out to soak up the perils of the morning after. These bangers are delivery only, via UberEats and Deliveroo.  Grab the breakfast bacon and egg burger with American cheese and relish. Or up the ante with a hangover pack – burger, two hash browns plus a berocca twist and go.

Southside Tea Room | Morningside

You heard it here first; the Southside Tea Room has some of the best buns in town. Next time you’re in Morningside make sure to wrap your hands around their brekkie burger with hot sausage, egg, bacon, cheese, grilled tomato, spinach and dirty mayo on toasted soft roll. You can also add fries for only $3, and honestly, why wouldn’t you?

Ben’s Burgers | Fortitude Valley

It’s not surprising that Ben’s brings the goods morning, noon and night. Cure what ailes you with an AM Elvis burger – bacon, peanut butter, banana and maple syrup. Don’t forget to wash your burger down with a chocolate peanut butter milkshake- you deserve it.

Kin & Co | Teneriffe

You can’t throw a stone in Teneriffe without hitting a health food store, or a Lorna Jane clad individual tucking into an acai bowl. Despite being the haven for healthy brunchers across Brisbane, Teneriffe’s Kit & Co shows us that the neighborhood still knows how to make a top-notch burger. A combination of maple bacon, a sunny side up egg, caramelised onion, heirloom tomatoes, spinach, Gruyere cheese and lemon mayo, Kit & Co’s brekkie burger has all the finesse of a Teneriffe breakfast, sans the kale.

She Bangs Coffee | Albion

Great café name, even greater burger. The Degraves brekkie burger with smoked bacon, fried egg, Swiss cheese, tomato relish and secret sauce on a toasted Panini bun is the perfect way to start your day, and will give you something to daydream about while you’re at work.

Words by Georgia Casey