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Brisbane’s best breakfast burgers

There’s no wrong time to eat a burger, but there is something extra satisfying about setting the knife and fork aside and tucking into some carby goodness first thing in the morning.

Thanks to the hard work of many dusty mornings, G&G has uncovered where to get some of the juiciest, tastiest, hangover-busting brekkie burgers in town.


Where better to beat a hangover than the Morning After Café? You ain’t seen nothing until you’ve come face to face with the glorious MaMuffin, a sausage, egg, and American cheese burg’ topped with saucy pickled tomato chutney (and a sneaky hash brown on the side!).   


No good brekkie burgs on the southside? What a load of croque! Pardon our French, but packing a crunch heard all over town is St. Cocos Café’s irresistible croque madame breakfast burger. Served with all the best old-fashioned ingredients like thick cut leg ham and Swiss cheese, Cocos brings out the best of flavours with the inclusion of tasty mustard bechamel sauce and spinach inside a brioche bun.

REMY’S | Paddington

Vegetarians deserve brekkie burgers too, which is why the flip-tastic experts at Remy’s are serving just that from 8am everyday of the week! Introducing their Good Morning Mushroom Muffin, stuffed with roasted portobello, caramelised onion, and tasty cheddar cheese.


Dot, dash… luckily, there’s no need to know Morse code in order to crack into this café’s delicious brekkie burger! We’re talking the requisite fried egg paired with bacon, potato rosti, spinach, and house-made tomato chutney in between two fluffy sesame seed milk buns.


You can’t throw a stone in Teneriffe without hitting a health food store, or a Lorna Jane-clad individual tucking into an acai bowl. Despite being the haven for healthy brunchers across Brisbane, Teneriffe’s Kin & Co shows us that the neighbourhood still knows how to make a top-notch burger. A combination of maple bacon, a sunny side up egg, caramelised onion, heirloom tomatoes, spinach, cave-aged cheddar and ketchup, Kin & Co’s brekkie burger has all the finesse of a Teneriffe breakfast, sans the kale.


For those who like to walk a little on the wild side when it comes to breakfast time, look no further than the Yakuza burger at Devon Café, where the ingredients are straight flamin’. Available from 8am, this burger consists of a beef patty chargrilled to perfection, lettuce, tomato, American cheese, and Devon’s very own secret sauce.

Brekkie rolls? Pfft.

Words by Georgia Casey and Jacqueline Pon
- the gourmands looking for their next brekkie burger.

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