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Brisbane’s best bars for after work drinks

On a Friday (or even a sneaky Thursday), you don’t want to have to wander too far from your office to find a drink. You want an espresso martini in your hand, stat. Or maybe you’ve had a rough week and just want whiskey, straight up. Either way, we know Brisbane’s best bars in the city (and Valley!) that will help you get over that epic email fail (sending LOL cats to the whole company? Bad move…) or REALLY long meeting faster than you can say ‘make it a double.’ Riverbar and Kitchen | 71 Eagle Street, CBD If it’s a view that doesn’t include your skyscraping (and soul-sucking) office building you need, Riverbar’s riverside location could be your savior. Zone out to the twinkling lights on the Story Bridge while you knock back a Tijuana Tickle to get your giggle back (and possibly a tequila and ginger beer hangover). brisbanes best bars cicada Cicada | 275 George Street, CBD Smack bang in the heart of the city, Cicada’s bartenders shake up a mean espresso martini, plus some pretty glam cocktail jugs once you’ve calmed down enough to be able to interact with other people again. If booze doesn’t do the trick, their chocolate fudge brownies sure will! Brooklyn Standard | Eagle Lane, CBD Maybe it’s a jig you need to switch off and get into weekend mode. In that case, get yourself down below street level to Brooklyn Standard and bust a move to live funk, soul and rock tunes. Two left feet? A whiskey (or five) will fix that. Bavarian Bier Café | 45 Eagle Street, CBD ‘Just give me a BEER!,’ we hear you screaming at 5 o’clock. Well get your pint-loving self to the Bavarian Bier Café, and get yourself a stein of their German brews. They’ll even do ales spiked with fruit juice, lemonade or cola, if you want to be one of the bros but you’re tastebuds shriek ‘hell no!’ to a pale ale. brisbanes best bars blackbird Blackbird Bar & Restaurant | 123 Eagle Street, CBD Even the thought of the weekend won’t cure your blues (if you have to work, we’re sorry)? Blackbird’s ‘Got da Blues’ will either cheer you up or help you happily wallow in misery, with blueberries, lemon juice, bourbon and coconut. It’s blue alright! Nest Restaurant | 159 Roma Street, CBD Need a velvet couch to curl up in (and maybe a pillow to punch) to wind down? Head to Nest, where exotic cocktails on comfy couches will relax you and lead right into a pan-Asian dinner and dessert. Bonus, the Roma Street train station is right next door, so you won’t have to stumble far afterwards. Or just book a room at upstairs Hotel Jen. The Gresham | 308 Queen Street, CBD If you started your day at The Gresham with a Toby’s estate coffee, it’s only fitting that you finish it there, this time working your way through their whiskey list. Death and Taxes will be the end of us all – but they’re also a neat ginger, honey, apple, pineapple and Jameson cocktail to end the week on at the bar. We take no responsibility for any hangovers developed when you decide on an epic after work Brisbane city bar hop. Perhaps some late night eats before the cab ride home will help avoid the morning headache? Words by Ranyhyn Akui