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Brisbane's best baked eggs

Poached eggs may be the golden child of breakfast lovers, but that’s no excuse for chickening out of trying something different.

Baked eggs, otherwise known as shakshuka, are catching on all over town, and we couldn’t be more egg-cited about it. Baked in a spicy tomato sauce and perfect for dipping crunchy toast into, these cracking eggs are egg-sactly what you need after a night on the town. Get ready for the shak attack!  

Naïm | Paddington 

When it comes to the perfect shakshuka, say my Naïm, say my Naïm. These guys have Middle Eastern eggies down-pat, filling their cast iron pan with Tunisian-style baked eggs, tomato and capsicum sauce, saffron labneh, and house-made challah bread.  

Spring Hill Deli | Spring Hill  

Spring Hill Deli knows what we want most with our saucy tomatoes – plenty of buttery bread to mop it all up! You’ll be feeling sunny side up after a big serve of their Israeli shashuka topped with creamy feta and plenty of fresh parsley. 

Atelier Brasserie | King Street 

Move over Benny. When it comes to eggs for breakfast, Atelier Brasserie is the man. We suggest making fast friends with their brunch menu’s handsome baked eggs, made to perfection with chorizo, lentils, saffron, and paired with sourdough.  

The Frond Café | New Farm 

One we’re all frond of is this New Farm café’s flavour-forward shakshuka baked eggs. Think smoked paprika eggs poached in a rich tomato sauce alongside creamed spinach, spiced yoghurt, herb salad, and cumin-spiced flatbread. Crack on it.   

Five Sisters | South Brisbane 

Turning up the heat and adding a Greek twist to shakshuka is Five Sister’s Café & Bar. Rest assured their Greek dish is no rotten egg – if you don’t try their scrumptious eggs baked with bacon, halloumi, crumbled feta, and tzatziki, yolks on you.  

Anouk | Paddington 

Still b-egging for more? This little nook in Paddington should do the trick! Anouk’s shakshuka come served Israeli-style with the egg baked in rich tomato concasse with creamed spinach, yoghurt and flatbread on the side.  

New Bliss Café | Fortitude Valley 

 If you’re too fried to whip up your own breakfast, hit up New Bliss Café for their heavenly Turkish eggs instead! While we might be cheating calling this shakshuka, it’s clean-eating from here on out with this vegetarian dish sporting two poachies baked with roast mushrooms, labneh, chimichurri, dukkah, and sourdough for dipping on the side.   

Ave Cucina | Coorparoo 

Hatch a plan to swing by Ave Cucina ASAP, because we’ve saved the best for last. Their Sicilian eggs alla fiama are slow cooked all night long so that they’re ready for a morning feast. Make sure you order the extra crispy prosciutto and Grana Padano cheese shavings to top it off. What are you waiting for?  

No need to scramble for the perfect eggs in Brisbane anymore.  

Words by Rebecca Grady and Jacqueline Pon
- the gourmands getting baked (eggs) this winter.