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Brisbane's Best Asian Eats

Australia, you’re great. You really are. With fluffy lamingtons and the cheeky Bunnings snag, your food will always hold a piece of our heart. But can we just be friends?

Call us traitors, but our true love lies across the pond. From slammin’ Pad Thai to yum cha sessions full of wonton destruction (eyyy), Asia’s realm of food-induced comas is the world’s best. Sorry, not sorry. Buckle in, Brisbane, this is gonna be a long one. Wok this way for the best Asian bites in town.

Pawpaw Café & Pawpaw Asian Kitchen | Woolloongabba, Tingalpa, Balmoral

We just can’t keep our paws off. These café geniuses have brought out their own delivery app, and with dishes like beef cheek massaman curry and crispy roast duck pancakes on the go, you can sign us right up. Hot tip: this is also the team behind Camp Hill’s Mons Bon Sabai, so from noodles to Nasi Goreng, you’re sorted.

Ms Chi Qi | CBD

This one’s pho the corporate workers. Use your noodle on that lunch break and topple hunger with Wintergarden’s own Vietnamese getaway. From soup-er sized bowls of rare beef pho to refreshing lychee iced tea, there’s never been a better reason to ditch that PB sandwich.

Southside Bistro | Sunnybank

We’re flying south for the winter … and summer. OK, pretty much every day for their bao burgers. We don’t wanna mochi you jealous, but the sweet treats at this Sunnybank haven are what dreams are made of. Don’t believe us? Take one look at the sizzling matcha and white choc brownie with matcha ice cream and tell us you aren’t already drooling.

Happy Boy | Fortitude Valley

One thing’s for sure: the name’s no accident. After moving from their digs in Spring Hill to the bopping Valley scene, Happy Boy are back in action, serving up cheap-as-chips Chinese fare (and a new weekend brunch menu, be still our beating hearts). We’re talkin’ crispy pork belly, wontons in chili broth, and a slurp-worthy brisket stew.

LONgTIME | Fortitude Valley

Just Thai and stop daydreaming, we dare ya. Anyone who knows their way around a chopstick knows LONgTIME – and for good reason. Dive right in to burgers topped in salt and pepper tofu with chili caramel, fragrant coconut and turmeric lobster curry, and black sesame mousse. We love this spot longtime.

Fat Noodle | CBD

Sure, it’s in the casino, but there’s no gambling here: at Luke Nguyen’s acclaimed spot, everyone’s a winner. Swing by the Treasury for the winning hand – Asian fusion with flair. Angus sirloin and brisket over soft rice noodles? China stop us.

Wagaya | Fortitude Valley

Sayonara, judgy waiter – we’re headed to a better place, where orders are placed on tablets and food magically arrives at your table. Head to Chinatown’s Wagaya for a Japanese feast from the future … just don’t be surprised at the Godzilla-sized food baby once you’re finished chowing down on okonomiyaki and gyoza.

Bird’s Nest Yakitori & Bar | West End & Fortitude Valley

Time to stick it to hunger. Wing it down to Bird’s Nest for authentic Tokyo yakitori; chicken skewers cooked over glowing charcoals. Concentration already skewered? Just wait ‘til we tell you about their bottomless pirikara fries.

Hello Please | South Brisbane

Take a bao, Fish Lane. We just can’t contain ourselves when it comes to Hello Please’s crispy chicken bao and corn fritters with coconut and chili jam. Say hello to this stylish shipping container – Vietnamese fare doesn’t get better than this.

Chop Chop Chang’s | West End

Quit monkeying around. Chop Chop Chang’s Asian fusion has it all – from bites you’ll go bananas for, to King Kong-sized share plates. If you’re not drowning in beef cheek penang curry and flash fried squid tentacles, you’re doing it wrong.

Hai Hai Ramen | Paddington

Say hai hai to your new pre-payday spot. For $15, you’ll simmer over a souper-sized bowl of tonkotsu ramen, packed full of housemade noodles, pork belly, and a soft egg. If that’s not using your noodle, we don’t know what is.

Landmark | Sunnybank

Forget the Story Bridge. Forget South Bank. This is the landmark you really wanna check out. Known as the spot for Brisbane’s most authentic yum cha, you’ll take a seat to trolleys packed with custard tarts, pork buns, and dumplings galore.

Cam Ranh | Darra

Sometimes you’ve gotta go off-grid for the true foodie gems. You won’t find a website for this hideaway spot, but Cam Ranh is the place to go for crabtivating Vietnamese. The winner? Their hidden menu item: the fresh-caught mud crab.

Soy hello to a world of cravings. 

Words by Samantha Chariton