Brisbane's best all day breakfasts

Brisbane's best all day breakfasts

Brisbane's best all day breakfasts

Are you in a deep and committed relationship with your snooze button? Then it’s very likely that you’ve experienced the pain of arriving at your favourite little breakfast nook only to find that your waffle laden menu has been swapped out for lunch.

For too long the fine art of the sleep-in has been the mortal enemy of brunch. But no more, because these local heroes have been leading the crusade for all-day breakfasts in Brisbane. The early bird may get the worm, but who the hell wants that when there’s pancakes to be had?

Milk | Ashgrove

Next stop, weekend recovery station. Crawl out of bed and into Milk Cafe & Milkbar until 2pm every weekend to grab a balmy breakfast in their luscious courtyard. You can feed your soul a much-needed eggs bennie, hash, smashed avo and more, keeping in mind that these dishes are anything but basic – we’re talking black forest bacon, bagels and butterscotch thickshake combos. There is a foodie god.

Naïm | Paddington

From the latte artists formerly known as Shouk, this Paddington mainstay may have had a change of name, but never a change of heart when it comes to their drool worthy all-day breakfast menu. Do your next hangover a serious flavour and indulge in their signature green shakshuka, Tunisian style eggs baked in spiced spinach, shallots with avocado sour cream. Trust us, you’ll thank us later.

Goodness Gracious | Graceville

Somebody call Cliff Richards because this south-west suburbs brekky mecca has got us singing ‘great balls of fire’ over their suspiciously healthy take on the all-day brunch. Think malt and black sesame waffles with black sesame panna cotta and seasonal fresh fruits, or the ever tasty char sui pork burger. Top it off with a red velvet latte and you’ve got yourself some serious #breakfastenvy in the making.

Pawpaw Café | Woolloongabba

Pawpaw Café, it’s the place so nice they named it twice! So, it should come as no surprise that this little-café-that-could has nestled itself into our hearts with their all-day menu full of moreish treats. Want our personal pick? We just can’t say no to the wonton tacos with chilli mayo, lime, laab spices, kafir lime leaves, herbs and turmeric rice.

Wilde Kitchen | Teneriffe

Fitspo beacon Wilde Kitchen strikes that perfect balance of super nutritious and bloody tasty brekky dishes. From smoothie bowls to savoury waffles with sticky
pork spiced pumpkin and fried duck egg – we could spend all day eating here (that’s what all day means right?). It’s also 100% gluten free!

Brisbane's best all day breakfasts

The Morning After | West End

‘There’s got to be a Morning After, if we can hold on through the night…’ are we the only ones who remember that song? Yeesh, fortunately, awkward moments, walks of shame, and hangovers can be remedied by this cheeky hangover buster. Think scrumptious truffle scrambled eggs, apple hotcakes with chocolate and chickpea fritters with lemon zucchini and spiced cauliflower.


From the airy interiors to the bouquets of flowers for sale at the counter, this home styled haven for late-sleepers have been breathing life back into the all-day breakfast with their quirky menu. Best of all? You can enjoy it seven days a week, so use this op to feast on pina colada pancakes with pineapple, lime and creamy coconut caramel sauce all the time. We also like getting caught in the rain.


Whether you’re in the mood for spaghetti at 8am or avocado toast for lunch – The Low Road will keep you brunch munchin’ all day. Better still, from 10am you can have a side of Young Henrys Newtowner with your scrambled eggs and salsa verde. Our mornings just got 4.8% better.


From gingerbread pancakes (stack ‘em up!) to loaded avo toast, Southside Tearoom knows just how to push our breakfast buttons. Forever fighting an internal battle over sweet or savoury to break that fast? Pour que no los dos! Wrap your sleepy little mitts around their French toast breakfast burrito and wash it down with an iced vovo milkshake. Hellllooo nostalgia!


If you’ve emerged from your cave (hungover or not) you deserve to be rewarded for braving the light of day. Embrace your inner caveman and get stuck into hunters eggs with caramalised onion, cold cut smoked roast beef and scrambled eggs.  Show yourself some extra love and order a bloody Mary or two, they’re mostly just vegetable right?

My Mistress | Clayfield

Looking for an affair to remember? Then look no further than the impossibly tongue in cheek menu at My Mistress. Combining industrial chic interiors with cool and leafy gardens, this north side escape serves up jauntily named breakfast favourites like the Morning Glory bagel and The Head Mistress; free range baked eggs with house made spiced beans, chorizo and sour cream. The safe word is ‘brunch.’

Jam Pantry | Greenslopes

Flipping out over the same old brekky selection weekend after weekend? Then it’s time you got your head around Jam Pantry’s Flipping Boards. Featuring a rotating selection of superb seasonal produce and hard-to-find ingredients, this fresh approach to the all-day breakfast is adding much needed variety back into your weekend routine. Creature of habit? Don’t despair! There’s still a solid menu loaded with more traditional comfort classics including a truly excellent eggs benedict fully loaded with your choice of bacon, ham or salmon. (That’s our jam!)

Hitting the snooze button has never tasted so damn good.


Words by Rachel Murphy & Emma Callaghan
- The gourmands who eat breakfast for every meal.