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Brisbane’s best acai bowls

Açaí (ah-sah-ee).  Everyone’s favourite, often mispronounced berry, it’s popped up in everything from fruit smoothies to vodka, but there’s no better way to get more of it into you than in an acai bowl, preferably topped with lots of crunchy goodies. This little superfood will make you feel good from the inside out – it’s a cancer fighting, energy boosting, weight loss assisting, anti-ageing wonder antioxidant…well, that is if you believe the rumours it does everything except make you immortal. Scientific soundness of all the berry’s purported properties aside, it’s pretty damn good. So to help you get healthed up for summer, we’ve scoured the town for the best açaí bowls around. Coco Bliss | Various locations While they do delicious raw treats and coffee as well, açaí bowls are kind of Coco Bliss’ specialty.  Vibrant and fruity, they come with a choice of other superfood toppings like chia seeds and goji berries. Come at me antioxidants! Kiss the Berry | CBD + South Bank These guys are just mad about the berry, labelling themselves ‘açaí specialists’.  And after one of their deliciously satisfying açaí bowls, like a Snickers Delight chock full of açaí, banana, cacao, almond butter and coconut water, you’ll be ready to kiss the berry too. Raw Juicery | Various Super convenient for a quick breakfast or lunch if you work in the city (yes, you can have açaí bowls for lunch!), Raw Juicery have four versions of the frosty bowls of goodness available.  Our pick: the Fit n Fresh with açaí, chai, coconut and banana, topped with gluten free muesli. It will leave you zinging, plus you can feel great ordering it (I’ll have a fit ‘n’ fresh thanks! Coz that’s just who I am!). acai bowls brisbanePineapple Express | Hamilton Always have the best intentions of being healthy but chocolate gets the better of you? Pineapple Express will cure your cravings with their Acai Nutter, packed with cacao nibs, choc coconut ice cream and chocolate sauce on top of acai, banana, peanut butter and granola. So it’s the best of both worlds, really. Acai Brothers | Wellington Point Acai-d from the ridiculously good looking brothers who created this nifty joint, the Acai Brothers specialise in delicious acai bowls. With Jaffa, Nutella and choc peppermint bowls, their menu reads more like an ice cream store menu than a health food joint but you can rest assured that these treats will fit in with your macros. Press’d | Teneriffe Like a bit of zing with your antioxidents? Try one of Press’d’s Lemon Berry acai bowls, with comes with a splash of lemon essential oil. But if that’s not enough for you, you can always grab the Urban Buzz, which gets a double shot of coffee with cacao and banana for a really good morning. So what are you waiting for? Acai you there! Words by Ranyhyn Akui